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4Safe StrongDisk enables to keep secret data on protected disk in Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Protected disk works as a common disk, but all its content is encrypted when written. To mount protected disk a password and/or an electronic key is required. Any documents, tables and databases can be kept on protected disks and can be opened directly from protected disks.
No need to encrypt existing disk, StrongDisk will create new virtual encrypted disks for you.
The content of protected disk is physically stored in a common file, that enables to make easily backup copies.
With StrongDisk you can also:
--protect your TEMP folder to avoid secret data leakage through temporary files;
--completely delete files with wiping out their contents;
--securely shutdown Windows with wiping the swapfile(pagefile).
Server Edition is designed for use on servers. Protected disks either can be shared in network or contain database files.

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