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Power Notes - 08 Mar 2012
The program Power Notes is a desktop notes organizer, reminder and scheduler for Windows you to create electronic stickers and display them when the time is due....
Related Tags: desktop notes, desktop reminder, notes, reminder, organizer, stick, notes manager, organizers, sticker, sticky notes

Freebie Notes - 08 Mar 2012
Freebie Notes is a great little program for users who just want sticky notes with an alarm timer. With Freebie Notes you can create notes displaying on your desktop....
Related Tags: freebie notes, free notes, desktop notes, reminder notes, desktop reminder, sticky notes

Comfy Hotel Reservation - 06 Mar 2012
The program assists hotels, apartments, b&b accommodations, guest-houses or holiday homes in managing and maintaining reservations. Hotels and travel agents...
Related Tags: booking software, hotel software, software for motels, reservation software, scheduler, meeting room management, hotel management, book

A VIP Organizer - 05 Mar 2012
VIP Organizer is a time and task management software which uses To Do List method to help you get through more work spending less time. The program increases your...
Related Tags: organizer software, to-do list, list of tasks, pim, task manager, todo list, personal information manager, reminder, notes

Repair Shop Calendar - 05 Mar 2012
Repair Shop Calendar is a calendar for repair shops, dealing with cars, bikes, bicycles, home equipment, cloths and shoes. It's perfect for technicians to plan working...
Related Tags: repair shop software, repair shop management, service management software, calendar, scheduler, scheduling, organizer, planner, business

Cozy Restaurant Reservation - 04 Mar 2012
Cozy Restaurant Reservation helps you to take and then manage reservations and customers for your restaurant. It's highly flexible, allows changing time intervals,...
Related Tags: restaurant software, reservation software, pizza, scheduler, cafe software, food, party, bar, nightclub, cozy, organizer, planner, outlook, c

Rental Calendar - 03 Mar 2012
Rental Calendar is designed for individuals and businesses, operating in the rental market. With its help, renters can keep track of rental units and plan to rent...
Related Tags: rental software, renter, scheduler, rental business, rental market, scheduling, organizer, planner, calendar, car rental software, rental

OrgScheduler Pro - 02 Mar 2012
A complete calendar and scheduling system. With OrgScheduler Pro, you can use e-mail or SMS to send appointments, reminders and invitations to colleagues, friends...
Related Tags: day planner, business organizer, personal organizer, pim, calendar, orgscheduler, orgschedulerpro, scheduling, scheduler, organizer, plann

Medical Calendar - 01 Mar 2012
Medical Calendar is a doctor-oriented scheduler with a handy navigation system. It's highly flexible, allows changing time intervals, creating numerous profiles...
Related Tags: medical software, medical, calendar, physician, medical scheduler, doctor, scheduler, scheduling, organizer, planner, medical calendar, doc

OrgScheduler - 29 Feb 2012
A universal scheduler for individual/offices/business events.Includes importing from iCal,exporting to iCal/Outlook/Text/Html/PDF/Excel. Different time display options...
Related Tags: calendar, scheduling, scheduler, organizer, planner, reminder, task manager, organize, timeline, pim, personal organizer, personal informat

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