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The ClickBank Automation System contains TWO powerful clickbank scripts AND comes with Master Resale Rights.
If you use ClickBank to sell your digital products on the web, this is the only package for you. The ClickBank Automation System is a new package comprised of two hot ClickBank scripts that will literally put your business on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
So what are the scripts called?
The two ClickBank scripts included in this package are new, but highly well-known. The first script is the The ClickBank Thank You and Download Page Protection script, and the ever popular ClickBank Search Portal Script.
ClickBankPRO Thank You Script Features
Automatic Buyer Verification: This feature will verify whether your buyer is forwarded from ClickBank after payment or not; and if they aren't, a warning will be displayed, but your thank you page will not.
Order Details Inclusion: This feature will display the ClickBank Receipt number and order details directly on your thank you page which will add a professional touch even to an unprofessional looking page.
Information Collection: This feature will collect the name and email address of your buyer for your reference; not even some of the most expensive scripts can do this.
Sales Report Sending: This feature will automatically send you a sales report for the purchase instanly upon payment.
Buyer Addition: This feature adds the buyer to your autoresponder system so that follow-up emails can be sent to promote your other products, etc, and has an On/Off feature so you can turn this off if wanted.
Plus Many More
And now with this script guarding your products from theft and automating your product delivery you no longer have to worry about.
[] Sending a Thank You message to your Buyer Manually
[] Adding the Buyers Information into your Database by Hand
[] Sending Promotional Emails to your buyer Manually
[] People Stealing your Electronic Products.
[] ClickBankPRO Search Portal
Every time a visitor makes a search using your ClickBank search portal script that you can install on any website that supports CGI scripts, your ClickBank Referral ID will be added to any returned search results.
This means that if a person visits one of the websites from the search results and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission for that sale. And at my last count, the Clickbank search script returned over 5000 plus top rated ClickBank merchant websites.
These merchants are offering commissions from two percent right up to 75 percent; but on average it is around 50% commission on each sale that you can make from one of these 5000+ top rated ClickBank merchants.
*NOTE - There is a No Refund Policy for this Product. Due to the Nature of the Downloadable Link we could not retrieve the software back, even if you bought this thru an affiliate's site and they offer a money back guarantee!
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