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BC Excel Server 2008 Enterprise-Complete - 01 Dec 2009
Excel Server has run in China for few years, and we has successfully taken up a considerable market of the small and medium size enterprises in China. we are now...
Related Tags: excel, excel server, excel2000, excel2003, excel xp, excel 2007, mis, erp, oa, crm, business

Apex SQL Script - 25 Nov 2009
Apex SQL Script converts databases to scripts, .net exe's and deployment packages. Apex SQL Script creates insert scripts from any Microsoft SQL Server database...
Related Tags: sql script, sql package, sql deployment, database deployment, source control integration, sql tools, sql tool, sql scripting, da

MAPILab Explorer for SharePoint - 25 Nov 2009
Browser of SharePoint object model for developers with support of C# context scripts. Research of real object structure (.NET Reflection), change of object properties...
Related Tags: sharepoin explorer, sharepoin development, windows sharepoint services tool, windows sharepoint server solution, sharepoint obje

Apex SQL Data Diff - 25 Nov 2009
ApexSQL Data Diff 2008 is a high performance and sophisticated database comparison tool that will compare the contents of two databases as well as database Back...
Related Tags: database comparison, database synchronization, data diff, sql data diff, sql compare, sql diff, database compare

vLog - 23 Nov 2009
vLog acts like a black-box in an airplane. It records the user-actions on dialogs of specific applications, and monitors many other application's and system's resources. Based...
Related Tags: recording, software defects, bugs, qa, helpdesk, tech-support

Apex SQL SSIS Compare - 17 Nov 2009
ApexSQL SSIS Compare is a powerful tool to quickly identify differences in your SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages. The tool features fast comparison...
Related Tags: sql ssis compare, sql package, sql deployment, database deployment, sql tools, sql tool, sql server

DB Elephant DBF Converter - 16 Nov 2009
DBF Converter will lighten your work with databases. Using it you can easily convert tables to data formats (xml, mdb, txt and csv) and sql. In few steps you will...
Related Tags: access, database, convert, dbf, mdb, xml, csv, txt, sql, xls, doc, html

Mangle-It Java Source Code Obfuscator - 15 Nov 2009
Mangle-It Java Obfuscator makes Javacode unreadable. Symbol and file names are mangled, strings encrypted, symbols are updated in comments and xml config files....
Related Tags: java obfuscator, java obfuscators, obfuscate java, obfuscated java, mangle java, mangled java, mangling java, mangler java, manglers jav

BAT to EXE - 13 Nov 2009
Create exe files yourself out of windows batch files (.BAT). So you can hide and protect the source code of your BAT files. You can select your own icon for your...
Related Tags: exe to bat, exe 2 bat, create exe, script to exe, create application

DB Elephant MySQL to MSSQL Converter - 05 Nov 2009
MSSQL to MySQL Converter is a most accurate MSSQL to MySQL Converter to convert the whole MySQL database or any of its parts. It supports different data types and...
Related Tags: mssql, mysql, sql, table, view, trigger, transfer, database, convert, dbf, xml, csv, txt, sql, xls, doc, html

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