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Common15 - 03 May 2009
common utility classes that work under Swing Java 1.5+.It contains a more efficient version of the StringTools and Localise than come with common11 package. It also...
Related Tags: common15, java, classes, stringsearch

Print File List and Print Folder Contents from dir - 01 May 2009
If you want to easily print a list of files present in one or several directories, then this software is for you! With this software, you can easily: ...
Related Tags: create list of files from directories, print folders, print folder contents, print folder, directory print, print file list, dex, histo

Radialix - 27 Apr 2009
Radialix 2 is a super easy, technically elegant tool for localization of PE32 executables, .NET assemblies and resource files. It allows the user to localize resources...
Related Tags: visual software localization tool, software localization, localization tool, tool l10n, delphi localization, dotnet localization

JiraBrowser for Subversion - 26 Apr 2009
JiraBrowser - Jira Issue Tracker Plugin for TortoiseSVN (subversion) to Jira - allow select issues as comment from TortoiseSVN when you commit changes. The list...
Related Tags: jira, subversion, tortoisesvn, plugin

MockupScreens - 08 Apr 2009
MockupScreens helps you to sketch screen mockups of your application and organize them in scenarios. With MockupScreens you can experiment interactively with your...
Related Tags: sketch, rapid, screen, screens, mock, mockup, mockups, ui, gui, prototyping, prototype, prototypes, software, development, tool

Apex SQL Enforce - 31 Mar 2009
ApexSQL Enforce is a revolutionary new solution for Industry Best Practices adherence and Custom Standards enforcement for SQL Server Databases. ApexSQL Enforce...
Related Tags: sql enforce, sql tools, sql tool, rules, rulebase, html reports, fixsql, resultsets, xml exports, database standards

Zeta Resource Editor - 31 Mar 2009
Zeta Resource Editor is a free application that enables you to edit and translate standard Microsoft .NET string resources from multiple different resource files...
Related Tags: string, resource, edit, .net, grid, multi-language, language, translation

Converter - 30 Mar 2009
Conversion teaching tool. Shows you how to convert any of the 17 basic Java types into any of the other. Conversion Amanuensis as your side whenever you need Java...
Related Tags: java, conversion, applet, html, converter, java, jre, jdk, teaching, training wheels, guide

Apex SQL Audit Viewer - 26 Mar 2009
The ApexSQL Audit viewer is a standalone reporting application for ApexSQL Audit. It can be distributed to team members and end users who only need to view auditing...
Related Tags: sql audit, database audit, sql auditing, database auditin, sql tools, sql tool, database tool, triggers, data auditing

ECMerge Pro (Windows) - 22 Mar 2009
ECMerge compares and merges local or FTP folders for texts and images, side-by-side or 3-way. It provides syntax colouring for many languages, supports many office...
Related Tags: ecmerge, tool, merge, compare, diff, file, image, folder, directory, 3-way, side-by-side, comparison, synchronization, compare text, file comp

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