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Simple Project ToDo - 01 Sep 2007
Simple Project ToDo provides really easy project tracking based on to-do lists and simple priorities, allowing you to focus on your projects and increase your productivity....
Related Tags: project tracking, todo, to-do, issue tracking, software development, software project

Atomic Memory Model - 05 Aug 2007
The Atomic Memory Model is a powerful technology which handles memory in a consistent, elegant, simple and highly effective way greatly increasing the quality of...
Related Tags: atomic, memory, model, memory leaks, buffer overruns, program crash, access violation, speed of software development, quality of

SLIC - Software Lifecycle Construction - 04 Aug 2007
Software development and construction tool to help with the software engineering process. SLIC Caters for the entire spectrum of the software development lifecycle....
Related Tags: software construction life cycle lifecycle management development engineering tool

MS SQL Field Box - 31 Jul 2007
MS SQL Field Box is a small tool which allows you to view MS SQL Server database structure and paste table or field names in your favorite editor using mouse or...
Related Tags: ms sql, ms sql server, sql server, autocomplete tool, autocomplete, field box, intellisense, qa addon

McGrath Information Solution - 24 Jul 2007
We created a standard for the multimedia content, and even went one step further, the standard will contain information on any type of object ( Audio, Video, DVD,...
Related Tags: metadata, video, audio, picture, image

NUnit Cheat Sheet - 12 Jul 2007
Free NUnit Cheat Sheet that contains example code in C# that shows exactly how to create NUnit tests. Single page to hang on your cube wall....
Related Tags: nunit, quick reference, cheat sheet

Zend Guard - 10 Jul 2007
Zend Guard is the leading solution for worry free distribution. With its key components of Encoding, Obfuscating and Licensing, Zend Guard protects your PHP applications...
Related Tags: encode, encoder, obfiscation, obfiscate, license manager, license generator, php

RustemSoft.Controls .NET 2.0 assembly - 10 Jul 2007
RustemSoft.Controls .NET 2.0 assembly from RustemSoft is a RustemSoft.Controls software package specifically designed for Windows Forms .NET 2.0 developers. The...
Related Tags: controls, .net, vb.net, c#, .net controls, component combobox, numeric box, datetime, date box, time box, timeupdown, columns, .net 2.0

MS SQL Converter - 03 Jul 2007
MS SQL Converter will lighten your work with databases. Using it you can easily convert tables to data formats (xml, dbf, txt and csv) and sql. In few steps you...
Related Tags: ms, sql, database, convert, dbf, xml, csv, txt, sql, xls, doc, html

.NET Reactor - 01 Jul 2007
.NET Reactor is a powerful code protection and software licensing system for software written for the .NET Framework, and supports all languages that generate .NET...
Related Tags: .net, compiler, decompiler, disassembler, obfuscation, obfuscator, protect, protection, protector, reverse engineering, anakrino, dotfuscat

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