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SQLiteSheet - 09 Jul 2006
Work with SQLite3 becomes easy. Tool for administration of databases SQLite. The Program allows: -Modify database (create table, drop table, vacuum, etc.) -Execute...
Related Tags: sqlite sql database admin tool

HTML_QuickForm Pilot - 06 Jul 2006
HTML_QuickForm is a part of PEAR. It is a great package, but you need a lot of coding to create PHP forms with complex structure and validation logic. Instead of...
Related Tags: php, form, forms, code, generator, html_quickform, pear, editor

ECMerge Pro (Linux) - 07 Jun 2006
ECMerge compares and merges files and folders, side-by-side or 3-way. Syntax colouring for many languages. Configure third-party programs to import PDF, Office documents,...
Related Tags: tool, merge, compare, diff, files, folders, directories, 3-way, side-by-side, syntax colouring, comparison, synchronization, compare text, fi

Automotive Data - 06 Jun 2006
Automotive and powersports data that includes all features, options, warranties, specifications, general details, available colors, dimensions, weights, angles,...
Related Tags: vin data, automotive data, vin decoding, offline data, automotive database, motorcycle data, data, car data, vin decoder

CASE Studio 2 - 12 Apr 2006
CASE Studio 2 is a professional database design tool, which allows you to visually create Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) for various database systems - e.g....
Related Tags: case, er diagram, case, studio, database, model, design, tool, ddl, sql, script, data, flow, reverse engineering, re, oracle, db2, interbase, syba

AdventNet QEngine JAPI Tester - 07 Apr 2006
QEngine JAPI Tester is specifically equipped to test the functionality & scalability of APIs of your application. It allows you to add test cases to test individual...
Related Tags: api testing, automated api testing, java api testing, java testing, japi testing, test automation

Select Fast! - 27 Mar 2006
Priodata Select Fast! automates repetitive tasks associated with the SQL tuning process on the Oracle Database. You can easily keep track of all alternative queries...
Related Tags: oracle sql tuning tools shareware explain plan statistics advisor

Bug Registry - 24 Mar 2006
Bug tracking is supposed to save you money. Tracking bugs and feature requests is an important part of software development. The earlier and quicker bugs are resolved,...
Related Tags: bug, bug registry, extbs, bug doctor, extbs software, bug tracking, bug tracking software

Query Plan - 03 Mar 2006
Priodata Query Plan is a front-end to the most commonly used V$ views to investigate SQL execution performance in the Oracle Database. You can browse the shared...
Related Tags: oracle tuning sql cursors library cache v$sql v$sql_plan v$sqltext

Spotlight on MySQL - 03 Mar 2006
Spotlight on MySQL displays a complete visual representation of the MySQL database allowing you to observe actual activity, including process flows and configuration...
Related Tags: mysql, database, performance, diagnostics

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