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Obfusasm .NET Obfuscator - 13 May 2011
Protect your .NET assemblies from reverse engineering with DevExtras's .NET obfuscator Obfusasm. Obfusasm is an advanced .NET obfuscator that supports a wide array...
Related Tags: .net, obfuscation, obfuscator, .net obfuscator

Discoverygate - 25 Apr 2011
Epiri type data is created by using discoverygate and familiar data is converted into searchable formats. Along with Discoverygate, sources are an alternative to...
Related Tags: epiri, discoverygate, document, database, web, data, convert, search, source

Toolsoft UI Mockup - 12 Apr 2011
Toolsoft UI Mockup is a digital desktop, web and mobile UI mockup design software, helps you improve design efficiency and slash time to market. Windows, Linux,...
Related Tags: desktop, web, mobile, ui, mockup, design

SourceAnywhere Standalone - 07 Apr 2011
SourceAnywhere Standalone is SQL server-based version control software with seamless integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse, and other IDEs, cross-platform support,...
Related Tags: source control, version control, revision control

MangleIt C++ Source Code Obfuscator - 01 Apr 2011
Mangle-It C++ Obfuscator makes C/C++code unreadable. Comments are stripped, symbol and file names mangled, strings encrypted. A signature like "LPTSTR Translate(...
Related Tags: c++ obfuscator, c++ obfuscators, c obfuscators, obfuscate c++, obfuscate c, obfuscated c++, mangle c++, mangle c, mangled c++, mangled c

Radialix - 28 Mar 2011
Radialix 2 is a software localization tool which allows you to easily localize your applications and files. It is user-friendly yet powerful, combining various useful...
Related Tags: software localization, localization tool, visual localization, delphi localization, dotnet localization

DTM ODBC DSN List - 25 Mar 2011
DTM ODBC DSN List is a free command line tool that enumerates or export to text file the list of ODBC data source names (DSN). The text file generated by the tool...
Related Tags: odbc, data source name, dsn, list

CodeCompare Pro - 23 Mar 2011
CodeCompare, the brand-new code comparison tool from Devart, demonstrates an absolutely new way of source code comparison. Advanced comparison approaches, that ...
Related Tags: code compare tool, diff tool, code comparison, file compare tool, code compare software, file compare software, file comparison

Altimeter Digital GPS + Map Viewer + Cam - 22 Mar 2011
" The most accurate and handly Altimeter is here. It gives you the altitude wherever you are.Simply start the app and altitude will appear in a second, No setup...
Related Tags: altimeter digital gps + map viewer + camera + climb calc, itankster.com, utilities, navigation, iphone app, ipod touch app, ipad

DTM ODBC Driver List - 21 Mar 2011
DTM ODBC Driver List is a free command line tool that enumerates or export to text file the list of installed ODBC drivers. The text file generated by the tool...
Related Tags: odbc, driver list

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