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Falco Calculator - 08 Apr 2012
Falco Calculator is a useful program for education. It allows to calculate entered meanings of variables which are introduced as a formula....
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Falco Graph Builder - 07 Apr 2012
Falco Graph builder for students....
Related Tags: falco graph builder, freeware

Regression Analysis - CurveFitter - 14 Jan 2012
CurveFitter program performs statistical regression analysis to estimate the values of parameters for linear, multivariate, polynomial, exponential and nonlinear...
Related Tags: curvefitter, curve, fitter, least squares, curve fitting, nonlinear, non-linear, regression, equation, curve fit, exponential, trigonometri

Unit Conversion Utility - UnitClassic-A - 08 Nov 2011
UnitClassic-A is a professional and comprehensive unit-convert computer program. It has very useful interface that is quick in action, easy to use and other distinctive...
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Addition Aliens Game - 23 Sep 2011
A great way for kids or adults to improve their addition and subtraction skills. This math game will let you blast through the alien hordes by typing out the sum...
Related Tags: addition, math, math game, addition game, adding game, math addition subtraction game

Crazy Math Game - 10 Aug 2011
Want to be excellent at math? Try Crazy Math Game. Let your kids learn math Funny! Efficiently!...
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Calculator Prompter - 15 Jul 2011
Calculator Prompter is a math expression calculator. Calcualtor Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results. With Calculator...
Related Tags: free calculator, calc soft, math calculator, parser, expression, arithmetic, mathematic, math, education, desktop, soft, softwar

Exercise Books Screen Saver - 26 Mar 2011
These high quality Math and English exercise books in this set are approved for use in schools across the country. Each exercise book contains forty-eight pages,...
Related Tags: exercise books, exercise, books, kids, maths, english, children, school

Speaking Times Table Tutor - 25 Mar 2011
Makes times tables fun to learn for your kids. Get a child off to a great start in maths! Keeps them occupied and out of trouble. Times Table Tutor makes an ideal...
Related Tags: maths cd, cd, times tables, times, tables, speaking, kids, maths, children, tutor

fMath Formula - GWT Widget - 18 Feb 2011
fMath Formula - GWT Widget provide a simple way to display equations or mathematics formula on your GWT applications (Google Web Toolkit). It has more than 20000...
Related Tags: gwt, widget, math editor, mathml, latex, mathematics, free, components, image generation, equation, algebra

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