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Calculator - 18 Apr 2011
-Simple Scientific calculator. -Easy to use. -Higher flixibility with command promot. -Designed to be used by chemists graduate and undergraduate students. -Contain...
Related Tags: calculator, chemistry, analytical chemistry, periodic table, scientific

Stock Standard Preparation Calculator - 25 Mar 2011
NOW Prepare your stock standard solutions in the easiest way. This way is like never seen before and very simple. Preparation calculator is not just a calculator,...
Related Tags: stock standard solutions, analytical chemistry solutions, solution preparation, standard preparation, reagent preparation, stand

3DSurG - 31 Dec 2010
3DSurG can be used to create 3D surface based on either 3D implicit function ( f(x,y,z)=0 ) or parametric function ( x=f(u,v), y=f(u,v), z=f(u,v) ). The generated...
Related Tags: .net, graphics, 3d, surface, implicit function, parametric function

Chemical Elements - 23 Dec 2010
Each chemical element has following info: 1. Name 2. Symbol 3. Atomic Number 4. Atomic Weight 5. Atomic Volume 6. Density @293K 7. Classification 8. Color 9. Discovered 10....
Related Tags: chemical elements

Chinese Zodiac - 23 Dec 2010
Chinese Zodiac predicts what will be happening to you in future What does the year you were born say about you? 1. Your Chinese Astrology Sign 2. Qualities 3. More...
Related Tags: chinese zodiac

Science Manual - 23 Dec 2010
Science Manual is combination of Unit Convert, Scientific Constants and Chemical Elements. It contains more than 676 units grouped in 38 categories, 112 chemical...
Related Tags: science manual

Scientific Constants - 23 Dec 2010
Scientific Constants includes 20 SI Prefixes, more than 20 commom Physics-Chemical Constants, 16 Electromagentic Spectrum Constants, 16 Density of Gases at STP and...
Related Tags: scientific constants

Unit Convert - 23 Dec 2010
Unit Convert is a powerful unit conversion software. Need CLDC 1.1 It contains more than 676 units in 38 categories. Unlike other unit conversion softwares which...
Related Tags: unit convert

Molecular Weight Calculator - 16 Dec 2010
calculate molecular weight of any chemical formula, easy to use and accurate, embeded periodic table inside for easy insert elemnts fromperiodic table,for student,...
Related Tags: molecular weight calculator, molar mass, molecular weight

NovoFormula - 01 Oct 2010
Geotechnical engineers can use this software for day-to-day analysis and calculations. Database of formulas include common correlations such as Cc, Cs, CBR, Es,...
Related Tags: borehole log, log visualization, soil mechanics, gint, gint log, geotechnical software, geotechnical, geology, geological

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