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Blackjack Casino Cast Guide - 09 Feb 2011
This game guide is for the game Blackjack Casino Cast which is the sequel to the award-winning free game known only as Casino Blackjack. This special game guide...
Related Tags: blackjack, free blackjack, play blackjack, casino blackjack, blackjack game

Photo Strip Maker ? Capture 2 Pics In 1 - 24 Jan 2011
With Photo Strip Maker you can take two different photos and then combine them into one photo strip.Take the first picture and then take the second picture. This...
Related Tags: photo strip, photo mix, combine photos, joint 2 photos, photo reel, two photos in one, photo merge

IBA Bingo Card Maker - 16 Dec 2010
This software allows you to create and print thousands of custom bingo cards. You can add pictures or text to your bingo cards or use pictures or text in place...
Related Tags: bingo, bingo card creator, bingo card maker, printable bingo card, bingo software, create your own bingo card

Quest Creator - 06 Nov 2010
A game maker in which you can easily create your own adventures in mythical, medieval settings. Using preset or custom characters, set up worlds in which you control...
Related Tags: dataware, quest, creator, game maker, quest maker, game, maker, adventure

Farmville Bot - 12 Oct 2010
Love Farmville but sick of the hundred and hundreds of clicks you have to make every time you want to tend to your fields? FarmBot is the answer!...
Related Tags: farmville, bot, farmville bot, facebook, facebook farmville, facebook farmville bot, farmville autoplay, farmville autorun

ASL Logbook - 10 Oct 2010
ASL Logbook is a database program designed and developed for organizing and enhancing play of the Advanced Squad Leader game system. It administers and organizes...
Related Tags: asl logbook, advanced squad leader, sasl, grognards, wargamers, board games, gamers, game editor

Ultra Core Protector - 24 Sep 2010
UCP Anti-Cheat for multiplayer online games...
Related Tags: ucp, ultra core protector, anticheat, anti-cheat, ucp anticheat, ucp anti-cheat, free anti-cheat, freeware anti-cheat, anti-chea

Warcraft Chat Monitor - 29 Aug 2010
Warcraft Chat Monitor is a simple and affordable software solution for users who want to control, monitor, and archive unlimited IM traffic on their LAN, including:...
Related Tags: log, monitor, chat, warcraftim, msn, aol, aim, yahoo, icq, myspaceim, facebookim, messenger, messages, instant, spy, stealth, e

CPT Crosswords - 27 Aug 2010
A multilingual crossword compiler and sudoku generator. The program includes the modules CPT Diagrams, CPT Words, CPT Clues, CPT Sudoku, CPT Editor, part of dictionary...
Related Tags: crossword, sudoku, text processing, software, shareware, java, unicode, crossword compiler, crossword puzzle maker

SafeCheating - 03 Jun 2010
Playing online games (MMORPG) using cheats. Using SafeCheating, you will not be banned....
Related Tags: cheat detector, anti-cheat, anticheat

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