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Magic Scroll 1.0    Bookmark with Del.icio.us Digg it!
by Magic Toolbox   Cool award from Discoveres.com

Version: 1.0
Release Date: 22 Mar 2011
Supported Languages: English
Supported OS: Not Applicable
File Size: 265KB
Program Type: Shareware
Price: $45.00

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Perfect for scrolling through lots of images in a neatly confined space, Magic Scroll is useful all over your website...

Create a homepage slideshow; feature your latest products; scroll your latest news headlines; neatly organize alternate views of a product; slide HTML content to show/hide different text or images. The possibilities are endless!

Not only are JavaScript scrollers useful, they can also be very beautiful. Magic Scroll can be used without losing the look and design of your site. The style is totally customizable by CSS and the 16 JavaScript settings.

Short on time? No problem, just use the Magic Scroll wizard. Select your design options from the form, click 'Apply' and hey presto the HTML code you need is automatically created for you.

The power of Magic Scroll is that it scrolls more than just images. Use it for scrolling text, SWF animations, movies, YouTube embedded links or any other HTML content. Popular uses include "people who bought this also bought"; news headlines; new products; related products; special offers. The list goes on.

And yes, it even works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices (as well as every major browser), so everyone everywhere can enjoy your images as you intended.

With our 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

Download the free trial now and see how impressive Magic Scroll makes your website feel.

Installation only takes a few minutes. If you need help, our expert tech support team are on standby by email, 5 days a week.

Another awesome tool from the design crew at Magic Toolbox.

Magic Scroll

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