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MileMate CLe represents our Classic Edition and comes with comprehensive fuel consumption and trip tracking modules. There are also Daily Service Advisor Tips and Helpful Hints concerning vehicle maintenance, the automotive industry, home servicing, and using MileMate. You have access to an unlimited number of Garages in which you can house an unlimited number of vehicles.
Lose your Driver's License when you changed computers or had a hardware problem? You can get a new License number by going to the Service Lane on our Web site at http://www.milemate.com.
MileMate Deluxe Edition (DXe) - Keep your vehicle in top condition with the addition of Vehicle Maintenance Reminders. You will never miss an important service again. Purchase price is $39.95 US.
MileMate Master Edition (MSe) - Total control over the cost and operation of your vehicles. You have access to an unlimited number of Reminders and a Total Parts Inventory. Purchase price is $59.95 US.

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