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Serial over Ethernet - 24 Oct 2008
Allows you to share up to 255 serial port devices over a TCP/IP network turning your computer into a low-cost terminal server. As a result, any serial port device...
Related Tags: serial to ethernet, serial over ethernet, serial over network, share serial port, serial over tcp/ip network, virtual serial ser

TSFTP - 15 Oct 2008
TSFTP provides Fast, Easy and Secure file transfer for Terminal Services, and supports transferring files between the client workstation's drives and those on the...
Related Tags: rdp ftp terminal services

Loginany Professional Edition - 21 Aug 2008
Step over LAN firewall to realize remote computer connecting with penetrating multilayer network Professional user operation interface and a plenty of software function. Remote...
Related Tags: remote desktop, remote control, nat, web camera, remote camera

AbsoluteTelnet Telnet / SSH Client - 14 Nov 2007
AbsoluteTelnet is a fast 32-bit telnet client that also supports SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TAPI Dialup and direct COM port connections. Rock solid emulation gives AbsoluteTelnet...
Related Tags: ssh, ssh1, sftp, ssh2, telnet, ssh client, utf8, telnet client, x11, xterm, free, vt220, terminal, emulator, ssh1 client, ssh2 client, secure sh

Axessh Windows SSH Client and SSH Server - 12 Nov 2007
Axessh is a Windows SSH client. It is a superb terminal emulator/telnet client for Windows. It provides SSH capabilities to Axessh without sacrificing any of existing...
Related Tags: windows ssh client, ssh, ssh client, terminal emulator, telnet client, 3des, blowfish des, rc4, ssh2

Hosaka TN3270 - 31 Jul 2007
Hosaka TN3270 is a flexible, efficient and inexpensive terminal emulator application for connecting Windows PC users to IBM Mainframes. Hosaka TN3270 Features: ...
Related Tags: tn32700, 3270, ibm, terminal

Hosaka TN5250 - 24 Jul 2007
Hosaka TN5250 is a flexible, efficient and inexpensive terminal emulator application for connecting Windows PC users to IBM iSeries - AS/400. Hosaka TN5250 Features:...
Related Tags: tn5250 5250 as/400 terminal

Mocha TN5250 for Vista - 01 Jun 2007
Mocha TN5250 for Vista provides TN5250 emulation for AS/400 terminal access Supports all standard 5250 emulation features Alternate screen size (24x80 or 27x132)...
Related Tags: tn5250, 5250, as/400, as400, terminal

Mocha TN3270 for Vista - 01 Jun 2007
Mocha TN3270 for Vista provides TN3270 emulation for IBM Mainframe Access....
Related Tags: tn3270, 3270, ssl, ibm mainframe

Mocha Telnet for Vista - 01 Jun 2007
Mocha Telnet for Vista makes it possible to connect to a host with the Telnet or SSH-2 protocol and emulate a VT220 terminal....
Related Tags: telnet, ssh, vt220, vt100

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