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PayPal Notifier - 26 Dec 2005
PayPal Notifier is a utility that lets you check your paypal payments automatically at regular intervals. When new PayPal payments arrives, there is a notification...
Related Tags: paypal notifier payment

Mail Direct - 09 Dec 2005
Mail Direct is a program designed to send emails fastly, safely and directly to recipients, bypassing your ISP's mail server. It's not a mail client but it has a...
Related Tags: mail direct, smtp, email

Shareware Assistant - 26 Nov 2005
Shareware Assistant (SWA) is a program designed to help shareware authors process orders, manage their business, track customer information and offer/ship physical...
Related Tags: shareware, order, mail, customer

Mady MTA Service - 25 Jun 2004
Mady MTA Service is a small SMTP server. It's small, stable and fast. It can use in a small LAN or home network and provide mail deliver service for a small group...
Related Tags: mady, mta, mail, smtp, service

Mail Direct Pro CD - 14 Nov 2018
This product is only for our old user who needs Mail Direct Pro CD...
Related Tags: mail direct pro cd

Mail Direct Pro - 14 Nov 2018
Mail Direct is a program that will allow you bypass your ISP's mail server and use your computer to send e-mails directly to recipients. The program can do this...
Related Tags: mail direct pro

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