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Online PAD- file generation tool. Import, create, manage and update your PAD- files and PPP- files for your shareware software to sell online from your personal PAD Service account. Hundreds of software authors around the world are already using PAD Service to manage their shareware listings. PAD Service delivers PAD- files that are 100% compatible with all major software libraries. Our service is also 100% compatible with the PAD specifications set by The Association of Shareware Professionals. The Worlds #1 Trade Organization for Independent Software Developers and Vendors. Our technicians will validate and further optimize the generated PAD- files for you. Ensuring you are going to host only 100% compatible PAD-files. If you already host PAD- files for your software, check if you are using the most recent version (2.01) If not choose PAD Service to upgrade to the latest standard

PAD Service 50 Slots License Upgrade

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