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by IQSoftware   Cool award from Discoveres.com

Version: 0.1
Release Date: 01 Jul 2006
Supported Languages: English
Supported OS: WinXP
File Size: 3.18MB
Program Type: Freeware
Price: $0.00

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Personal Advisor.
Our program allows to select personally for you a detoxification kit to flash all kinds of toxins out of your system and pass a drug test successfully.Making the best choice for you, our program uses several parameters:
Type of body
Type of drug
Type of test
Frequency of use of drug

Based on this information, our program can exactly make suggestions of products proper for your standards . Entered parameters extremely important for your best result. From maximal exactness of the entered parameters depends successful or unsuccessful your test should be. Such parameters as frequency of use , type of body and weight and also type of drug are extremely important.

The exact choice of product depends on frequency of use of drug, from weight and type of body depends as long a drug will be in the system.

If you will take advantage of our program,you with a high probability will select a maximally suitable product and will be able to pass your drug test.
This program does not require large vehicles resources also you can memorize your choice in the browser. After that as you did the choice and pushed the button ?Match?, your browser will be opened with products exactly for your case and you can add to the bookmarks the opened page.

Due to this program you are not necessary each time to search in the internet the best suitable product for you.
You simply can take our ?Personal Advisor? to choose options and to get products necessary to you.
You can download ?Personal Advisor? from our site :<a href=?http://www.passadrugtestingforall.com?> Personal Advisor</a>.

Personal Advisor

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