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Internet Security Monitor - 31 Jan 2011
Prevent your passwords, credit card and SSN numbers, etc from sending to the Internet in open, unencrypted format. The Internet Security Monitor monitors all outgoing...
Related Tags: internet security, security monitor

PowerBroker Servers Eval Version - 25 Jan 2011
Related Tags: beyond trust, beyondtrust powerbroker servers, powerbrokerservers, enterprise security, least privilege, compliance, least privi

Internet Security Controller - 21 Jan 2011
Spending too much time on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and other social sites? Internet Security Controller allows you to control the time you, your family or your...
Related Tags: internet security, security controller

FB Limiter - 16 Jan 2011
Block facebook or youtube on your PC. Block facebook or youtube access completely or limit access to specific times during the week. Designed for parents, small...
Related Tags: block facebook, how to block facebook, limit facebook, block youtube, facebook blocker, block social network sites

AppDefender - 14 Jan 2011
AppDefender allows you to intercept unauthorized access to your applications using USB Flash Drive or a password. When somebody tries to launch protected application,...
Related Tags: protect, application, password, usb flash drive, without encryption, access, data, files

KinderGate Parental Control - 01 Dec 2010
With KinderGate Parental Control, parents can deny access to web sites with adult content and block a wide range of other URL categories, including resources containing...
Related Tags: parental control, kids control, parental advisory, internet access control, porno websites block, parental controls, internet pr

inDefend-Laptop Data Security/Monitoring - 26 Nov 2010
inDefend is an application which will help you achieve full control on your laptop against theft of data without blocking you for your relevant access, at the same...
Related Tags: endpoint, security, data, usb, disk, internet, monitor, employee, spy, access, loss, control, business, website, email

Active Directory Report Software - 22 Nov 2010
Active Directory Report Software (ADRS) provides administrators with insight at a glance into the number of Active Directory user accounts and their status. ADRS...
Related Tags: report, reporting, software, active directory, user accounts, licensing, stale, enabled user accounts, disabled user accounts, i

LightLogger - 12 Nov 2010
Spy software and Computer Monitoring software for recording activity on a PC. Monitoring software allows monitoring of family, friends and co-workers. LightLogger...
Related Tags: monitoring software, spy software, computer monitoring, pc monitoring

IEProtect - 07 Nov 2010
Password protect access to selected websites on your PC. With the help of this software you may password protect access to any website from your computer. All you...
Related Tags: password protect, website password, web password, browser password, ie password, access control, password protect site, passwor

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