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GateWall Antispam - 25 Aug 2010
GateWall Antispam is a mail gateway solution with integrated spam filter and virus scanner. The product is built from multiple modules, which makes it more failsafe...
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SMSSpaminator - 23 Aug 2010
SMS/MMS/E-Mail Spam Removal Service for Windows-based Mobile Devices. Have you ever grown tired of Spam cluttering your Mobile Devices' Inbox? Are you a victim...
Related Tags: anti-spam, sms, mms, e-mail, spam mobbing, stalking, terminate, removal, windows, mobile, pocket pc, smart phone, database, sentinel, bullyi

FohX - 20 Aug 2010
FohX has an easy to use menu system. It is fully functional with Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP. FohX allows you to backup your system for full protection. It...
Related Tags: anti-spyware, fohx, backup and recovery, anti-spyware, antispyware

SecurityGateway for Exchange / SMTP - 17 Aug 2010
SecurityGateway email spam firewall for Exchange/SMTP Servers developed with over 10 years of proven mail server security expertise offers simple administration,...
Related Tags: email spam firewall, spam firewall, spam filter, spam blocker, email security, mail firewall, exchange firewall, smtp firewall

Rising PC Doctor - 28 Jul 2010
Rising PC Doctor, professional personal computer security untility, has seven key functions of automatic malware analysis, immunization of USB storage devices,...
Related Tags: antivirus, anti-virus, anti-spam, worms, trojans, spam mail, scan virus, kill virus, clean virus, trojan scanner, anti-phishing

Instant Spyware Removal - 25 Jul 2010
Instant Spyware Removal is an award-winning, powerful and professional anti-spyware program which is designed to effectively and thoroughly detects and removes spyware...
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Spyware Removal Toolkit - 02 Jul 2010
Spyware Removal Toolkit comes with professional and reliable utilities that can thoroughly remove the surprising number of Spyware, Adware, Malware and Computer...
Related Tags: spyware removal toolkit, antispyware, scans, removes, blocks, trojans, keyloggers, adware, malicious tracking cookies, browser

Sigma AntiSpyware - 25 Jun 2010
Sigma AntiSpyware is a utility that provides ultimate protection from spyware. It finds even the most complicated threats and deletes them right away. As the result...
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SpyShelter Personal Free - 19 Jun 2010
SpyShelter free anti keylogger system can protect you against attacks that happen even when you do ordinary computer tasks like: typing into your computer, getting...
Related Tags: free antikeylogger, freeware anti keylogger, best anti key logger, free anti monitoring software

modusGate - 15 Jun 2010
modusGate is a robust software solution providing you with comprehensive email security, spam protection & Policy Management to protect against data leakage....
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