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Our Secret - 20 Mar 2012
Our Secret (formerly Steganography) lets you hide text files or files such as video, audio, image and others in file. It is designed to hide and send your sensitive...
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Smart Encryptor - 18 Mar 2012
SmartEncryptor uses the most powerfull encryption algorythms existing. AES - the US Government standard symmetric encryption algorythm and Blowfish. Works on all...
Related Tags: encryption

Estelar Protect A Folder - 16 Mar 2012
Estelar Protect A Folder is easy to use advanced security software which lets a user to protect a folder, file and removable drives using a password to restrict...
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Estelar Lock A Folder - 16 Mar 2012
Estelar Lock A Folder is a lightweight and easy to use window security program which you can use to lock a folder, file and other computer resources to make them...
Related Tags: lock folder, lock a folder, lock a file

Restrict Pdf Printing Editing Copying - 15 Mar 2012
Pdf encryption software protects your pdf file with pdf open password security and owner restrictions. Owner restrictions includes disabled printing, blocked editing,...
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File Folder Password Protect - 14 Mar 2012
Get an effective and efficient solution to password protect your files and folder with a single click of mouse. Now files and folder password protection made simple...
Related Tags: files password protect, password protection files, folder security software, file folder security software

Folder Security Software - 13 Mar 2012
Now users can easily opt for Folder Password Protection and secure their private and confidential data from unauthorised accesses. Folder Password Protection utility...
Related Tags: folder security software, file folder security software

Download Password Protect Folder Utility - 13 Mar 2012
Now you can download Password Protect Folder utility that is designed to lock your folders and files using the password security. Your Password protected folders...
Related Tags: download password protect folder, programs to password protect folders, lock a folder

FileWall - 13 Mar 2012
A lightweight transparent encryption file system-based software. Integrated in Explorer context menu. The final effect is similar to NTFS using the built-in file...
Related Tags: encryption

File Password Protection Software - 12 Mar 2012
File and folder password protection software can be used to protect your data and stops other unwanted users accessing your data. Using the folder security system...
Related Tags: file password protection software, folder security system, download folder security system, protect folder, protect a folder, pr

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