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Cerberus FTP Server - 20 Nov 2005
Cerberus FTP Server provides powerful, multithreaded FTP server performance without sacrificing ease-of-use. Designed to use very little CPU and memory, Cerberus...
Related Tags: cerberus, ftp, server

Sami FTP Server - 18 Nov 2005
Sami FTP Server is small, powerful and extremely easy to use. You can set up user accounts, modify server settings and view statistics with just a few clicks. Other...
Related Tags: ftp, server, small, sami, easy, powerful

FileCOPA FTP Server - 01 Nov 2005
FileCOPA takes the hard work out of running an FTP Server. The FileCOPA FTP Server installs on any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system with just a...
Related Tags: ftp server, filecopa, intervations

Ocean FTP Server - 27 Oct 2005
Ocean FTP Server is a secure and easy to use FTP server. Groups and virtual folders allow you to configure complex account scenarios. Disk quota limits, bandwidth...
Related Tags: fast, advanced, ssl, tls, secure, easy to use, ftp server, remote administration

LiteFTP - 21 Jul 2005
LiteFTP is a feature-packed FTP server that includes anonymous, shared, group, and superuser access, resume (upload and download), quotas, connection limits, speed...
Related Tags: server, ftp, dns, log, daemon

Easy File Sharing FTP Server - 20 Apr 2005
Easy File Sharing FTP Server is a very easy to use FTP Server that allows visitors to download/upload/remove/create files/folders easily through a Web Browser (Internet...
Related Tags: ftp server software, file sharing program

Crob FTP Server - 02 Apr 2005
FTP Server with database supported! It can build download/upload system in internet/LAN/WAN or other kind of network with high performance. To build a files...
Related Tags: ftp server database web asp

Eserv Mail, News, Web, FTP and Proxy Servers - 28 Mar 2005
Eserv/2.99 - Mail, News, Web and Proxy Servers - Mail Server (SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3) - News Server (NNTP) - Web Server (HTTP) - FTP Server - Proxy Servers (HTTP,...
Related Tags: eserv, server, mail, news, web, pop3, imap, smtp, ftp, proxy, http, socks, firewall, windows, 2000, download

Golden FTP server - 06 Sep 2004
Golden FTP Server is a free personal FTP server for Windows. It is extremely easy to use and can be run by anyone with basic computer skills. The program runs automatically...
Related Tags: free ftp server software windows download file network share internet

WFTPD - Windows FTP Server - 09 Oct 2001
WFTPD allows you to turn any Windows machine into your own FTP site. Let others upload and download files to or from your system, under your administration and control,...
Related Tags: wftpd, internet, ftp, server, daemon, demon

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