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Email Delivery Server - 31 Aug 2009
Simple to setup, easy to manage, this server will help you send your emails directly. Deliver email bypassing ISPs and their limits. All you need is a static IP...
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NetWrix Anti Spam for Exchange - 11 Aug 2009
NetWrix Antispam for Exchange is a freeware server-side spam filtering product that filters spam messages for known spam criteria, such as black listed domain names,...
Related Tags: antispam, spam filter, exchange antispam

MAPILab Rules for Exchange - 11 Aug 2009
Program for creating and managing Microsoft Exchange Server and Small Business Server 2000/2003 server rules for processing incoming messages. The product provides...
Related Tags: exchange rules, ms exchange, server-side rules, sink, rules wizard, message processing, exchange extensions

NetWrix CatchAll Mailbox for Exchange - 15 Jun 2009
A catch-all mailbox is a mailbox to which any e-mail not targeted for a specific mailbox is delivered. Microsoft Exchange has no native support for catch-all mailboxes,...
Related Tags: catch-all mailbox, catchall mailbox, ms exchange, microsoft exchange, uncaught e-mail

E-Mail Server - 24 May 2009
Robust SMTP/POP3 server program that can be used as a corporate or personal mail server and with any SMTP compliant mail client. Accept mail on behalf of your users....
Related Tags: simple smtp server, desktop smtp server, corporate smtp server, simple pop3 server, simple email server, deliver email laptop, tra

AA Mail Server - 01 Apr 2009
AA Mail Server (www.aamailsoft.com) is easy to use database based mail server software for Windows with full features of email services. It also includes advanced...
Related Tags: windows mail server, email server, webmail server

ArchiveUsers - 01 Apr 2009
Dealing with users leaving the organization. According to company policies ArchiveUsers can log, copy, compress and store user information (Active Directory), home...
Related Tags: delete user, active directory user, user, delete, archive, clean, delete mailbox, mailbox, archive mailbox, home directory, dele

List manager Remove List Replace Sort compare and - 13 Mar 2009
Use this list management software to easily manage multiple lists. With this software, you can: Easily sort lists in ascending or descending order, simply by inputting...
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Native POP3 Connector - 24 Nov 2008
Native POP3 Connector (NPC) offers a standard solution for the problem with receiving mail through the POP3 protocol for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 and...
Related Tags: ms exchange, pop3 connector, pop3 downloader, exchange gateway, exchange connector, exchange extensions

MailMessenger Email Server - 17 Nov 2008
The MailMessenger Email Server is a high performance, multi-threaded email server for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista which supports IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Whether you...
Related Tags: mail server, mailserver, email server, emailserver, email, server, mail, pop3, imap, smtp, spam, internet, spam control, spam fi

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