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UTS Diabetes for Palm OS - 01 Jun 2004
UTS Diabetes is handy, stylish, and easy to use software for Palm OS that serves as a traditional paper Diabetic's logbook. Plus, it has a lot of outstanding features: -...
Related Tags: diabetes, diabetic, blood, glucose, sugar, type, track, diet, insulin, carbs, charts, reports

UTS Blood Pressure for Palm OS - 01 Jun 2004
Track blood pressure & pulse with Palm OS PDA. Use this set outstanding features to manage your heart health: - Colored records for normal and dangerous values. -...
Related Tags: track, tracking, blood, pressure, pulse, logging, chart, charts, systolic, diastolic, daily, report, excel

UTS Weight for Palm OS - 01 Jun 2004
Track body weight & BMI with Palm OS PDA. Use this set outstanding features to manage your body weight: - Colored records for weight loss and gain. - New unique...
Related Tags: track, tracking, weight, bmi, calculator, weightwatchers, watcher, body, logging, chart, charts, loss, daily, report, excel, point, palm, pda

Universal Tracking System for Palm OS - 01 Jun 2004
A multipurpose tracking tool for your Palm OS PDA. With UTS you can track time and any numerical values, such as money, weight, calories, billable time, expenses,...
Related Tags: tracking, logging, multipurpose, tracks, palm, pda, log, activity, database, chart, time, billing, billable, measurement, report, database, diar

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