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Version: 3.1.805
Release Date: 29 Aug 2008
Supported Languages: English
Supported OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Starter,
File Size: 3.15MB
Program Type: Shareware
Price: $44.85

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UltimaCalc Professional is a highly functional graphing math toolbox with a compact and intuitive design offering the ultimate balance of power and convenience.
Its algebra module lets you perform manipulations and simplifications on basic and complex algebraic expressions. UltimaCalc lets you do calculus: differentiate an expression, or find its integral and ask how this was found.
You can factorise polynomials, multiply and divide one polynomial by another, find the GCD of two polynomials. Expand and contract trig expressions. Calculate Taylor series, define your own functions, and calculate exact results (try evaluating the factorial of 1000).
Other modules let you fit lines or curves to your data (5 methods), find the values of variables that minimise an expression, plot functions (including parametric plots), find the roots of polynomials, solve simultaneous linear and non-linear equations, calculate standard deviations and other statistics, solve triangles, create graphs and charts.
UltimaCalc is designed for usability. The main window is a calculator with an amazing 38 digits of precision. You can make the window transparent when inactive so you can read a document underneath it. You can hide the title bar. Keep the calculator open all the time, on top of other windows, always ready for use, or use hot keys to instantly hide and restore it.
Define your own functions, use them just like the built-in functions, and build up a library of them. Define your own constants, too.
Choose how many digits to display, and show them grouped in sets of three or five digits. Full support for hexadecimal numbers and complex numbers.
Log all calculations to a text file, and copy and paste calculations to other applications as plain text.
Contains a handy reference table of more than 300 constants, including atomic weights.
Comprehensive help (with index) is provided for all features.

UltimaCalc Professional

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