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Http - 03 Feb 2011
http is a small library of Java classes to let you do HTTP GET/POST/HEAD/PROBE/CHASE to a server with http: or https. It will also encode parameter pairs for you....
Related Tags: gci, get, post, head, chase, probe, urlencoded, read, write, server, http, https

JDisplay - 03 Feb 2011
JDisplay displays Java, HTML, bat, SQL, ini, csv, xml, mftl properties... files a variety of colours, fonts, sizes and weights to help make them more presentable....
Related Tags: jdisplay, program listings, pretty print, beautifier, coloriser, colorizer, formatted listings, presentation, presentation listi

CommandLine - 10 Jan 2011
CommandLine parses the command line for a description of a set of files and converts it into a list of individual files to process. CommandLine does nothing by itself....
Related Tags: command line, commandline, parse, constellation, file tree, collect files, library, filter, directory tree

JavaScript SlideShow Builder - 07 Jan 2011
JavaScript Slideshow Builder is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful desktop utility program that lets you create delicious slideshow DHTML /JavaScript script with...
Related Tags: slide, show, dhtml, script, javascript, slideshow, image, scripts, transitions, transform, transition, transforms, internet explorer

jQuery Dropdown Menu Style 3 - 29 Dec 2010
jQuery Dropdown Menu, Web Buttons, Animated jQuery Menu, Navigation Bar, Java Menus for your Website! Key features of jQuery Dropdown Menu are: based on clear unordered...
Related Tags: jquery dropdown menu, jquery menu, drop down menu, web buttons, animated jquery menu, navigation bar, java menus, lavalamp, css m

jQuery Popup Menu Style 13 - 28 Dec 2010
Apycom jQuery Popup Menu is the smallest, fastest, and one of the most customizable JavaScript hierarchical menus out there. It supports nearly unlimited hierarchical...
Related Tags: jquery popup menu, jquery menu slide, jquery menu plugin, jquery css menu, jquery menu, dropdown menu, web buttons, animated jquer

AB Bulk Mailer - 25 Dec 2010
* can send scheduled mails when you are out of office. * allows you to create contacts and scheduled mails. * Allows grabbing email addresses from any website.*...
Related Tags: bulk mailing software, email marketing software, email scheduling software, email scheduler, email extractor, email verifier

J4L OCR tools - 12 Dec 2010
Java OCR components. The toolkit is made of 2 main components. It includes a Java wrapper for the open source Tesseact OCR engine which will convert image files...
Related Tags: java, ocr, document, parser, scan

Tree Menu - 07 Dec 2010
Create SE-friendly JavaScript menu in clicks. 50+ free menu tree templates and an image library. Build cross-browser DHTML tree menu and fast-loading menu tree with...
Related Tags: tree menu, menu tree, javascript menu, dhtml javascript tree menu, navigation tree menu, asp, php

FileIO - 06 Dec 2010
I/O teaching tool that generates Java source code to read or write the console, a sequential file, a random access file, a String, an array of characters, an array...
Related Tags: java, file, i/o, console, pipe, compressed, buffered, fileio, teaching, training wheels, guide, amanuensis

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