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Chameleon Frame
The Chameleon Frame is able to reproduce the styles that everyone knows from various environments, plus it adds some useful others. They are all reproduced in a...
http://gonchuki.wsoftware.net/chameleonFrame_LE_in... - 103KB - Download - Screenshot

Scene Composer Razor
Scene Composer Razor is the worlds fastest and easiest MPEG-2 editing software. Use SC razor to trim unwanted scenes from your favaoite home videos and recordings....
http://mediostream.downloadtech.net/download/sc/sc... - 11.95MB - Download - Screenshot

GPS.NET User Controls Plug-In
Take your GPS applications to the next level with this high-performance plug-in for GPS.NET! These crisp, accurate user controls make your GPS application easy...
http://www.geoframeworks.com/Download/GPS.NET/2.0/... - 7.46MB - Download - Screenshot

KGB'secrets (AMUCE)
KGB'secrets Advanced MultiUser Contest Edition. Self-development game KGB'secrets is based upon some of secret technologies. It will help you to develop your general...
http://kgbsecrets.org/InstallKGBsecretsV13(AMUCE).... - 1.35MB - Download - Screenshot

Link Protect
Link Protect can manage downloads of your pages and images. If the call is not from within your site or an authorised site, a customisable default image is displayed....
http://download.copysafe.net/link.zip - 30KB - Download - Screenshot

Legend of Aladdin
Go on an exotic trip throughout the land of Aladdin in this adventurous icon matching game. Pick your favorite character and recover the 120 missing pieces of the...
http://www.arcadelab.net/downloads/legend_of_aladd... - 2.61MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

I can customize your version, add specific features, nice interface....
http://ghannid.homeip.net/lgantt/lgantt-0.4.zip - 260KB - Download - Screenshot

AdminMagic - Remote Desktop Control Utility
AdminMagic is a quick and easy remote desktop control utility, featuring virtually real-time screen updating thanks to its new and improved screen engine. Thanks...
http://www.tools4ever.com/t4esoft/am/i386/setupadm... - 2.58MB - Download - Screenshot

Letterman Spam Control Pro
A spam filtration software catering for the needs of the worldwide Chinese, which can correctly distinguish emails in English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese...
http://www.whatlink.com/html/download/letterman_se... - 3.50MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

KingSmart Hotel Software
KingSmart Hotel Software 2003/2005 offers Hotel Property Management Systems, Hotel Management software, Reservation Software, Hotel, Restaurant, Spa and Conferences...
http://www.compw.com/download/KingSmartHPMS2003_St... - 57.22MB - Download - Screenshot

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