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Barcode Generation
Great Barcode Generator is highly optimized, professional software to create and print customized barcodes in large bulks for miscellaneous industries and commercial...
http://www.greatbarcodegenerator.com/downloads/bar... - 5.85MB - Download - Screenshot

2D Barcode Generator
2D Barcode Generator is advanced and professional tool to generate numerous barcodes for various applications in less time. Software comprises most usable 2D barcode...
http://www.barcode-2d.com/downloads/barcode-genera... - 5.85MB - Download - Screenshot

FileMaker Barcode Generator Plugin
Create barcodes in FileMaker Pro without installing additional fonts or other components with the IDAutomation Native Barcode Generator Plug-In. Supported symbologies...
http://www.advancemeants.com/downloads/IDAutomatio... - 173KB - Download - Screenshot

Oracle Reports Native Barcode Generator
Create barcodes in Oracle Reports without installing additional fonts or other components with the IDAutomation Native Barcode Generator. Supported symbologies include...
http://www.advancemeants.com/downloads/IDAutomatio... - 49KB - Download - Screenshot

PopUp Maker
PopMaker is a code generator that takes the drudgery out of reliably making popup window code. It does more than just make the code -- it also opens and tests the...
http://www.codelifter.com/pop5index.html - 227KB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Easy Barcode Generator Software
The Easy Barcode Generator Software creates barcode images in Windows. Features include: copy to clipboard feature to allow easy pasting of barcode images into applications;...
http://www.easybarcodesoftware.com/downloads/EasyB... - 22.21MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Apex SQL Code
Apex SQL Code is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Code Generation tool for Microsoft SQL Server that enables you to automatically generate thousands of lines...
http://www.apexsql.com/zips/apexsqlcode.exe - 3.98MB - Download - Screenshot

Bar Code Generator for .NET/ASP.NET TBarCode
TBarCode .NET offers advanced barcode generation features for .NET applications. This barcode generator component provides a barcode class, a WinForm and an ASP.NET...
http://www.tec-it.com/download/TBarCode_Setup.msi - 16.12MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Barcode Generator - Barcode DLL
TBarCode DLL is a multi-barcode generator for professional use. The Barcode DLL generates, creates and prints more than 100 linear & 2D bar codes (Code39, Code128,...
http://www.tec-it.com/download/TBarCode_Setup.msi - 16.12MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

code to flow chart generator
Code to Flow chart generator is an automatic flowchart generator software , It can reverse engineering a program , create programming flowchart from code, It can...
http://www.reliableunion.com/files/ctfsetup.exe - 1.18MB - Download - Screenshot

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