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FontCombo ActiveX Control
1. Ideal tool to select fonts from an enumerated font families. 2. TrueType/OpenType and other font types recognizing ability. 3. Multi-language charsets enumerating...
http://www.nicefeather.com/download/combox/FontCom... - 2.19MB - Download - Screenshot

PatternCombo ActiveX Control
1. Ideal tool to select GDI brush from customized patterns list. 2. Support solid brush, hatch brush, customizing texture brush. 3. A professional patterns Pick&Edit...
http://www.nicefeather.com/dowmload/combox/Pattern... - 2.28MB - Download - Screenshot

LineCombo ActiveX Control
1. Ideal tool to select GDI pen(Line) from customized pattern lines list. 2. Support solid line, hatch line, customizing texture line. 3. A professional pattern...
http://www.nicefeather.com/download/combox/LineCom... - 2.28MB - Download - Screenshot

ColorCombo ActiveX Control
1. Ideal tool to select color from 16 colors, system colors or customized color list. 2. A professional color dialog inside. 3. Offers powerful items data management...
http://www.nicefeather.com/download/combox/ColorCo... - 2.82MB - Download - Screenshot

BitmapCombo ActiveX Control
1. Ideal tool for picking picture from files, bitmaps, resources and any GDI handle. 2. A visual picture file open/preview dialog inside. 3. Offers powerful items...
http://www.nicefeather.com/download/combox/BitmapC... - 2.90MB - Download - Screenshot

ComboPro ActiveX Controls Suite
1. Ideal tools for picking Picture, Color, Font name, GDI pen and brush. 2. Offers powerful items data management capabilities such as add, insert, delete, find,...
http://www.nicefeather.com/download/combopro/combo... - 2.92MB - Download - Screenshot

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