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Activity Monitoring Software
Employee Desktop Live Viewer is the best option for all those administrators and managers who have been looking for a solution that can help them supervise and monitor...
http://www.activitymonitoringsoftware.net/download... - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

PC Monitoring
PC monitoring software is very much useful in keeping an eye on employees ongoing desktop activities. It provides monitoring from a centralized location that monitors...
http://www.pcmonitoring.net/download/edlv.zip - 6.35MB - Download - Screenshot

Employee Computer Monitoring
The Employee Desktop Live Viewer helps in monitoring multiple computers from a centralized location. It records and saves all the ongoing desktop activities as AVI...
http://www.desktopmonitoring.net/download/edlv.zip - 6.11MB - Download - Screenshot

XevaSoft Employee Monitor 2009
XevaSoft employee monitoring software tracks and records computer activities such as screenshot, keystrokes, website visited. Control/Lock/Shutdown computers in...
http://www.xevasoft.com/download/xsem2009_pack.zip - 4.75MB - Download - Screenshot

PC Monitoring
PC monitoring tool such as Employee Desktop Live Viewer are easy to install on employees? systems to continuously monitor the desktop activities. PC monitoring helps...
http://www.pcmonitoring-software.com/download/pc-m... - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

Computer monitoring software is a powerful and easy to deploy solution to help organizations in putting a stop on illegal and unnecessary activities of employees....
http://www.computermonitoring-software.com/downloa... - 6.35MB - Download - Screenshot

Computer Monitoring
With Computer Monitoring Software, you can track various ongoing desktop activities of employees of a particular domain in your organization. It helps in increasing...
http://www.computer-monitoring.org/download/edlv.z... - 6.35MB - Download - Screenshot

Computer Monitoring
Selected as the Editors' Choice by the experts at PC Magazine, Computer Monitoring is a top-rated, invisible and easy-to-use surveillance tool that records every...
http://award-soft.com/download/klinstall.exe - 3.36MB - Download - Screenshot

PC Monitoring Tool
Track varied ongoing desktop activities of employees in a particular domain or workgroup within an organization using this pc monitoring tool. Using this PC monitoring...
http://www.pcmonitoring-software.com/download/pcmo... - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

PC Monitoring Software
These PC monitoring software can be installed manually or remotely through LAN. These tools work in background i.e. the employee whose computer is being monitored...
http://www.pcmonitoring-software.com/download/pcmo... - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

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