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* See the windowclass name of all windows running at the moment on your pc. * See the handle of all these windows. * See the Parent child structure between...
http://www.nakencow.tk/cowspydownload.php - 79KB - Download - Screenshot

Private Data Safe
Private Data Safe guarantees data protection and data safety for data files, folders and program files - including data on removable data carriers and data shared...
http://www.soft-xpansion.de/cgi-bin/serv/stat/stat... - 5.66MB - Download - Screenshot

Macros Runtime
Macros Runtime is a set of free components that enhance and expand your applications with scripting, user forms and custom properties. Customers can customize their...
http://www.script-debugger.com/download/MacrosIDE.... - 4.22MB - Download - Screenshot

ETL Tools
ETL Software is a comprehensive solution that includes a design studio and combines data transport with powerful metadata management and data transformation capability,...
http://www.adeptia.com/cgi-local/adp_download_dts.... - 136KB - Download - Screenshot

WaveProbe is a waveform viewer useful for examining the output of various logic simulators (like LogicSim, ModelSim, VCS). It offers a powerful and easy-to-use graphical...
http://www.zeemz.com/download/waveprobe-1.0.exe - 8.78MB - Download - Screenshot

SWiX is easy to use XML-based editor for SWF debugging and updating. With SWiX you can open any SWF file in XML format, modify it with a handy preview mechanism...
http://www.swixkit.com/downloads/SWiX_1_1_1_Setup.... - 754KB - Download - Screenshot

Data Backup Rx
Data Backup Rx is a continuous "Always ON" Data Protection solution. Once installed, It will continuously monitor your chosen files and back up any changes...
http://www.horizondatasys.com/files/Data%20Backup%... - 3.30MB - Download - Screenshot

GVH Logging and Debug Library
Super 32-bit logging and debugging tool for C and C++ developers.No more slow stepping. Just include logging macros in your source. The library will write info to...
http://home.quicknet.nl/qn/prive/e.goldstein/Downl... - 77KB - Download - Screenshot

Data Acquisition Component TConnector
TConnector ActiveX makes data acquisition, data capture and data collection really easy! This data acquisition ActiveX control captures data from devices like barcode...
http://www.tec-it.com/download/TConnector_Setup.ms... - 2.68MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Shell Reset
Debugging of Shell extensions is a simple process, but some things still made developers "unhappy": * DLL's are locked by applications (for caching purposes)...
http://shellplus.com/tools/shellreset.zip - 342KB - Download - Screenshot

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