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Iovsoft Encoder
MS Access 2000 MDE Password database for your websites with additional encoding/decoding tools. MDE format does not allows anybody to view encoding/decoding source...
http://www.busysoftorder.com - Download - Buy It

Elecard AVC PlugIn for WMP
AVC Plugin for WMP is the package of components for receiving and decoding media data from network (UDP, RTP over UDP, TCP, RTP over TCP) with the RTSP protocol...
http://www.elecard.com/ftp/pub/AVC/EAVC_PlugIn_WMP... - 3.20MB - Download - Screenshot

Elecard MPEG-2 PlugIn for WMP
Elecard MPEG-2 PlugIn for WMP is the package of Elecard components for use with Windows Media Player or any similar applications. It is designed for demultiplexing...
http://www.elecard.com/ftp/pub/mpeg/decoder/EMPEG-... - 2.46MB - Download - Screenshot

Elecard AVC PlugIn
AVC Streaming Plugin for WMP is the package of components for receiving and decoding media data from network (UDP, RTP over UDP, TCP, RTP over TCP) with the RTSP...
http://www.elecard.com/ftp/pub/AVC/EAVC_PlugIn.zip - 1.90MB - Download - Screenshot

MP3 to WAV Decoder
MP3 to WAV Decoder makes burning custom music CDs a snap. Eliminate corrupt MP3 files, and decode them quickly and easily to the burnable WAV format. You can preview...
http://download.centralserver.net/mthreedev/setupm... - 1.74MB - Download - Screenshot

Full-featured phone recording software. - Records through a modem or through a RecOnBox. - Caller Id decoding - DTMF decoding - Automatic emailing of each new phone...
http://www.reconphone.com/download/rop25f.exe - 1.36MB - Download - Screenshot

DataSymbol Barcode Reader SDK
Barcode Reader SDK is a barcode image reading solution designed for software developers who want to be able to integrate a barcode reader directly into their applications....
http://www.datasymbol.com/download/BarcodeDecoding... - 3.35MB - Download - Screenshot

Free Movie Player
FreeMoviePlayer is a DirectShow compatible software with quality decoding of the MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4/ASP, H.264/AVC. It is optimized for high quality decoding...
http://www.myplayerlab.com/FreeMoviePlayer_Setup.e... - 512KB - Download - Screenshot

Apollo started out as a MP3-player. It is recognized by its outstanding MP3 decoding quality, powerful continuous playback support and advanced playlist capabilities....
http://shareapp.net/apollo/Apollo37zz.exe - 672KB - Download - Screenshot

Code93 Decoder SDK/Android
Code 93 decoder library deciphers Code 93 barcode image.it can be used from standard C .The Code93 decoder SDK is a robust and efficient library for reading/decoding,...
http://www.aipsys.com/download/Code93DecodeAndroid... - 292KB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

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