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Desktop Monitoring
Get simplified and efficient desktop monitoring done with Employee Desktop Live Viewer. It is the best suitable solution for organizations that are experiencing...
http://www.desktopmonitoring.net/download/edlv.zip - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

PC Monitoring
PC monitoring tool such as Employee Desktop Live Viewer are easy to install on employees? systems to continuously monitor the desktop activities. PC monitoring helps...
http://www.pcmonitoring-software.com/download/pc-m... - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

PC Monitoring
PC monitoring software is very much useful in keeping an eye on employees ongoing desktop activities. It provides monitoring from a centralized location that monitors...
http://www.pcmonitoring.net/download/edlv.zip - 6.35MB - Download - Screenshot

Employee Computer Monitoring
The Employee Desktop Live Viewer helps in monitoring multiple computers from a centralized location. It records and saves all the ongoing desktop activities as AVI...
http://www.desktopmonitoring.net/download/edlv.zip - 6.11MB - Download - Screenshot

PC Monitoring Tool
Track varied ongoing desktop activities of employees in a particular domain or workgroup within an organization using this pc monitoring tool. Using this PC monitoring...
http://www.pcmonitoring-software.com/download/pcmo... - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

Employee Desktop Live Viewer
Employee Desktop Live Viewer is employee desktop monitoring software which lets the admin view visual activities of each employee from one centralized location....
http://www.nucleustechnologies.com/downloads/edlv.... - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

Desktop Activity Recorder
This desktop activity recorder tool actually works as a vigilance camera and has the ability to monitor multiple users in a network. This simply means that you can...
http://www.desktopmonitoring.net/download/edlv.zip - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

PC Monitor Software
Looking to have an effective and approachable platform that could help you in keeping a proper check on employee?s computer activities, then Employee Desktop Live...
http://www.pcactivitymonitor.org/download/pcactivi... - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

Desktop Activity Recorder
Want to know how much working time is actually utilized by your employees? Take help of desktop activity recorder. It will enable you to watch and record every activity...
http://www.desktopactivityrecorder.com/dl/edlv.zip - 6.35MB - Download - Screenshot

Personal Desktop Spy
Desktop Spy Agent is an easy-to-use PC activity monitoring tool that captures screenshots of the active application window or the entire desktop at the predefined...
http://www.spyarsenal.com/desktop-spy-agent/deskto... - 615KB - Download - Screenshot

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