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ZipForge.NET for Compact Framework
Fast ZIP compression for .NET Compact Framework 1.0 and 2.0. Create ZIP archives, add files and directories, update archive, extract files to disk or stream. Features:...
http://componentace.com/data/distr/zipforge.cf.zip - 1.41MB - Download - Screenshot

ShellObjects is a set of components which allow your applications to create appbar, display MSN/Office2003 style popups, put icons in the shell tray notification...
http://www.ssware.com/megapack/megapacknet.exe - 1.31MB - Download - Screenshot

J4L-RChart for .NET
Windows and web .NET control for charting. The assembly has been developed in c# and supports more than 18 types of charts and combinations of them. It can be used...
http://www.java4less.com/netchartd.zip - 1.53MB - Download - Screenshot

SQLDataLayer is designed to script your Stored Procedures and optionally create the class objects necessary for any .net application that utilizes a Microsoft SQL...
http://www.sqldatalayer.com/downloads - 361KB - Download - Screenshot

PureComponents Ultimate Suite for .NET
PureComponents Ultimate Suite is a complete set of 79 components for .NET WinForms. It contains all controls you need for developing the user interface. You can...
http://www.purecomponents.com/downloads/PureCompon... - 34.19MB - Download - Screenshot

The .Net event recurring component that enables you to create recurrence patterns for calendar and organizer like applications; financial market and trading applications;...
http://www.aspose.com/Products/Aspose.Recurrence/R... - 601KB - Download - Screenshot

commandLine .NET
Secure and managed .net component that executes DOS and console commands. Each command executes asynchronously and raises events containing current output, completion...
http://www.asprosoft.com/commandLinesw/cl1008.zip - 133KB - Download - Screenshot

This is an ASP.NET class that saves files uploaded through an HTTP post. It can save to disk or export the files as a byte array or a MemoryStream. The code runs...
http://www.chestysoft.com/download/csnut.zip - 388KB - Download - Screenshot

Aspose.Total is one of the most powerful .net component suites ever assembled. Aspose.Total offers each and every component that Aspose has available.With Aspose.Total...
http://www.aspose.com/Downloads/Release.aspx?name=... - 25.11MB - Download - Screenshot

Cryptocx v5
Use Cryptocx to encrypt your data, totally securing it. EasyByte Cryptocx v5 builds upon the previous releases of Cryptocx to add further powerful features in a...
http://www.easybyte.com/download/cryptocx.exe - 4.00MB - Download - Screenshot

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