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Lark File Encryption
Lark File Encryption is a powerful file encryption tools, five encryption algorithms ( AES, MD5, DES,SHA,ECC), Encryption speed is fast, No file format and size...
http://www.lark168.com/files/EC_setup.zip - 804KB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

File Encryption XP
Need a military grade file encryption software? Would you like to delete (shred) files and be 100% sure they can't be "undeleted"? How about protecting...
http://www.cp-lab.com/Files/FileEncrypt-Setup.exe - 1.30MB - Download - Screenshot

idoo File Encryption Pro
File Encryption is designed for protecting files,folder and drives on your local computer.In factly, it protects but does not encrypt the protected files and folders,...
http://www.idooencryption.com/software/idooFileEnc... - 2.94MB - Download - Screenshot

Wincph encryption software
file and folder encryption software.It protect the privacy of your sensitive files and e-mail messages by encrypting them with the highest level of security.Includes...
http://sccrc.onlinedown.net/files/cph470.zip - 1.40MB - Download - Screenshot

Encryption Toolkit 2003 Trial Edition
http://www.nickellie.com/NET03TE.exe - 1.04MB - Download - Screenshot

Animabilis RS File Encryption
Need a military grade file encryption solution? Would you like to delete (shred) files and be 100% sure they can't be "undeleted"? Now about protecting...
http://www.rsfileencryption.com/eng/file/RSFileEnc... - 1.07MB - Download - Screenshot

Strong File Encryption Decryption
PrimaSoft Strong File Encryption and Decryption utility is a Windows software that allows you easily and quickly to encrypt and decrypt selected files or folders...
http://www.primasoft.com/demo/encdec.exe - 1.46MB - Download - Screenshot

Unbreakable Encryption Software
New encryption software package featuring a completely uncrackable encryption scheme. This tool is designed for the requirements of the undercover agents working...
http://sites.google.com/site/ifu5x89suo58bnvk/Top_... - 3.39MB - Download - Screenshot

Free 256 Bit Encryption Software, Creates multiple encrypted virtual drive to store any type of data. It's powerful encryption ensures that only you can access your...
http://www.klonsoft.com/download/LockDisk.exe - 1.16MB - Download - Screenshot

Power Crypt
Power Crypt is an industrial strength file encryption program. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher algorithm, which is the most advanced and...
http://www.globalwebmonitor.com/software/PowerCryp... - 496KB - Download - Screenshot

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