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OTTF (One Two Three Four) - a logic game where player have to place the checker as shown in the game template. The game has two game modes: the play for time (Online...
http://falcogames.com/OTTFSetup.exe - 21.35MB - Download - Screenshot

Jumper Tree
In this Logical Game you need to plant trees everything to complete the each of 120 levels. Game include 4 locations and 3 gamemodes, Please look tutorial befor...
http://falcogames.com/JumperTreeSetup.exe - 8.97MB - Download - Screenshot

Falco Miner
The aim of the game is to clear a minefield. With each new level, the number of mines increases. This game is suitable for all users with its friendly, intuitive...
http://falcogames.com/FalcoMinerSetup.exe - 2.51MB - Download - Screenshot

Falco Breaker
You just don't have the time to get involved in a drawn-out computer game. But what if you have a little time to kill, a minute or two? We are pleased to introduce...
http://falcogames.com/FalcoBreakerSetup.exe - 3.65MB - Download - Screenshot

Falco Scramble
For fans of the classic Fifteens game, but covering a larger area. Chips are moved using the mouse. Click the chip and it will move to the empty field. This game...
http://falcogames.com/FalcoScrambleSetup.exe - 3.33MB - Download - Screenshot

TMD Fifteens
Way back in 1878, a new game 'Fifteens' was invented and soon made a big splash. Thousands of people would play this game day and night, moving small squares in...
http://falcogames.com/TMDFifteensSetup.exe - 4.78MB - Download - Screenshot

Red Planet
Platform Game - Puzzle, in a magnificent red hue. A brave hero uses his very, very long sword to hack his way through a crowd of vicious enemies....
http://falcogames.com/RedPlanetSetup.exe - 2.13MB - Download - Screenshot

Mystery Sage
Introducing our newest two-player logic game, based on Dominoes. You can even play this game with an actual set of dominoes, no PC necessary. However, the rules...
http://falcogames.com/MysterySageSetup.exe - 4.24MB - Download - Screenshot

TMD Puzzle
The game is like fifteens, but here you can determine number of fragments depending on the desired difficulty. You will move pieces of a picture instead of blocks....
http://falcogames.com/TMDPuzzleSetup.exe - 4.62MB - Download - Screenshot

Falco InPlace
The aim of the game is to carefully align chips where they fit best. Face them the wrong way and the picture is closed. Difficulty rises with level, and more interesting...
http://falcogames.com/FalcoInPlaceSetup.exe - 2.38MB - Download - Screenshot

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