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Crystal Passage
Crystal Passage is scheduler and automatic exporter for Crystal Reports. Crystal Passage can export to PDF, XLS, DOC, CSV, TXT, RTF, HTML, XML, Record, Print, or...
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/crystalpassage/... - 22.46MB - Download - Screenshot

The year is 2283. A battle for artifacts has been raging between the Space Federation and gangs of pirates. The artifacts were left by a vanished extraterrestrial...
http://falcogames.com/Antares1Setup.exe - 4.31MB - Download - Screenshot

Falco Cosmo Hero
Our brave hero explores the cosmos, encountering evil aliens and monsters along the way. Deal with these creatures while piloting your spacecraft. Completing the...
http://falcogames.com/FalcoCosmoHeroSetup.exe - 4.62MB - Download - Screenshot

Space Mouse
This simulator game will test your coordination and patience. New levels appear within levels and you must move your mouse, being careful not to touch the wall....
http://www.falcogames.com/SpaceMouseSetup.exe - 3.66MB - Download - Screenshot

The Collector Of Berries
Collect berries in this fun and crafty game. By collecting 3 similar berries in row, you pocket the group. Hold onto what you have, be careful not to lose any from...
http://falcogames.com/TheCollectorOfBerriesSetup.e... - 6.30MB - Download - Screenshot

TMD Ball
Small, logic game with very interesting and unusual gameplay. Skulls are arrayed on a field. You need to click across the field, and collect heart with your sphere....
http://falcogames.com/TMDBallSetup.exe - 4.01MB - Download - Screenshot

Falco Super Flight
Welcome to the Super Flight! Take your aerocycle and begin to play! You aim is to clear the sky from these bad guys! The game includes 15 levels (16 - survival),...
http://falcogames.com/FalcoSuperFlightSetup.exe - 6.67MB - Download - Screenshot

Freeware HelpDesk CentreDesk Group
CentreDesk is a freeware multi-user helpdesk application, that is affordable and easy to use. Member of the CentreDesk group of Help Desk applications. Fast, easy...
http://www.tucows.com/get/345110_133012 - 21.56MB - Download - Screenshot

Red Railway
Dynamic, top-view shooting game. The city was attacked by nasty insects! You are the brave engineer who must stop them in their tracks...and yours. Use your mouse...
http://falcogames.com/RedRailwaySetup.exe - 7.65MB - Download - Screenshot

Falco RedShape
A puzzle game where you control chips with the mouse. Click an area to cyclically rotate 4 neighboring fields on a clockwise fashion. The goal is to build chips...
http://falcogames.com/FalcoRedShapeSetup.exe - 2.33MB - Download - Screenshot

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