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Kiosk Software
Kiosk software locks down your public computer or kiosk, helping you securely display your website or application. It prevents hacking and downtime by restricting...
http://www.antamedia.com/download/kiosk-installer.... - 48.62MB - Download - Screenshot

PC to Kiosk Software
Deploy your own Internet Cafe, Public PC Kiosks, or protect publicly accessed computers with PC to Kiosk Software. It lets you protect underlying Windows environment...
http://www.pc2kiosk.com/downloads/pc2kiosk.zip - 7.68MB - Download - Screenshot

This feature-packed package turns any PC into a kiosk. Users can only access sites, applications, and settings you approve through a shell you design. You can command...
http://www.provisio.com/download/sitekiosk6.exe - 15.95MB - Download - Screenshot

Silverjuke is more than a music-player for Windows, Mac and Linux which works as easily as a usual jukebox and has album generation, a kiosk-mode, a virtual keyboard,...
http://www.silverjuke.net/download/download.php/Si... - 1.53MB - Download - Screenshot

Aurigma Photo Kiosk
Photo Kiosk is an ideal photo print order tool for a variety of points of sale, including but not limited to: print order stations, instant print stations, internet...
http://www.aurigma.com/Download/PhotoKiosk.zip - 9.35MB - Download - Screenshot

Play The Web
Put web pages on a web kiosk, with Play The Web. Enhance your communication: display HTML pages from your internet or intranet site on a web kiosk and show it inside...
http://www.vaugouin.com/ - Download - Buy It

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro
The software displays a unique virtual keyboard on the screen and enables you to use the mouse cursor or the touch screen to type text in any available language....
http://www.comfort-software.com/download/kb_setup.... - 3.62MB - Download - Screenshot

SiteKiosk is a software for public access internet terminals and lets you turn any computer into a secure Internet terminal, allowing the user to access the Internet...
http://www.sitekiosk.com/download/sitekiosk5.exe - 8.81MB - Download - Screenshot

Cafe Cop
complete Cyber Cafe Management software. Cafe Cop features: 1) TIme Management 2) Member Management 3) System Security 4) Internet Explorer Security 5) Analyzing...
http://download.nliventech.com/cc_demo.zip - 12.08MB - Download - Screenshot

MIE Kiosk Data Collection Software
MIE Kiosk Data Collection and Whiteboard Scheduling Software is a fully integrated data collection and time clock software solution offering an extended array of...
http://www.mie-solutions.com/mie/attachments/137_M... - 108.88MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

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