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TextPipe Pro
Fast text manipulation and data extraction. Fix websites, database extracts and electronic text with EasyPattern multi-line search and replace, convert end of line...
http://www.datamystic.com/textpipepro2.exe - 7.41MB - Download - Screenshot

Line Glow Preloader AS3.0
Product Features:* only 1.29kb * flash as3.0 project can be used directly. * simple and clean....
http://www.activetofocus.com/down/4.zip - 1KB - Download - Screenshot

Shapes composed of five square identical blocks each fall down the playing area. The object of the game is to manipulate these shapes, by moving each one sideways...
http://freesweetgames.com/fsgPentaFallSetup.exe - 493KB - Download - Screenshot

A-PDF Merger Command line
A-PDF Merger Command line(PMCMD) is a windows console utilty that merges two or more Acobat PDF files into one ducoument. PDFCMD is a standalone program, does...
http://www.A-PDF.com - Download - Buy It

Group Net Send
Net Send Command Line is a small command line utility that send messages to multiple users or groups of users. Our utliity uses the existing Microsoft Messaging...
http://www.rjlsoftware.com/download/netsendcmd.zip - 169KB - Download - Screenshot

PromptPal is a replacement GUI (graphical user interface) for the command prompt console, previously known as the DOS prompt. It turns the antiquated console into...
http://tlhouse.swmirror.com/ppal1590.exe - 2.17MB - Download - Screenshot

Super Block for Palm
Thank you for using Super Block for the Palm, an improved clone of one of the classic games of the 80's. Your mission is to operate the blocks while they are falling...
http://www.ibegroup.com/download/Block_Palm.exe - 816KB - Download - Screenshot

Super Block for Pocket PC
Thank you for using Super Block for Pocket PC, an improved clone of one of the classic games of the 80's. Your mission is to operate the blocks while they are falling...
http://www.ibegroup.com/download/Block_PPC.exe - 697KB - Download - Screenshot

Highly versatile and easy to use, PowerStar was designed for use on most electrical design and analysis applications. Use it for commercial building services, industrial...
http://www.megasyssoftware.com/exefiles/setup_ps.e... - 6.61MB - Download - Screenshot

This OCX allows you to create a Chiseled Line on your form....
http://www.mrrcomputers.cc/InstallChisel.exe - 9KB - Download - Screenshot

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