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GIPALS32 - Linear Programming Library
Linear programming library that incorporates the power of linear programming solver and simplicity of integration to any software tools like Ms Visual C++, Ms Visual...
http://www.optimalon.com/BinExe/gipals32.zip - 451KB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Linear Systems
Linear Systems gives a complete, step-by-step solution of the following problem: Given a 2x2 linear system (two equations, two variables) or 2x3, or 3x2, or 3x3,...
http://www.dekovsoft.com/ - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Linear Interpolation calculator
Linear Interpolation Calculator is a free solution that gives you the possibility to interpolate between values to arrive to the correct intermediate result. Linear...
http://www.webbusterz.net/doc/interpolation.exe - 28KB - Download - Screenshot

GIPALS - Linear Programming Environment
Linear programming environment that incorporates large-scale linear programs solver and easy, intuitive graphical user interface to specify, import and solve any...
http://www.optimalon.com/BinExe/gipals.zip - 988KB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Control Loop Simulator
This package provides control loop simulation, it comes with common control elements which includes linear element, non-linear elements, mathematical elements, inputs...
http://mathtools.emediaworld.net/downloads/SWCLS.e... - 1.26MB - Download - Screenshot

UltimaCalc Professional
A set of mathematical tools, for scientists, engineers and students. Perform symbolic algebra: simplify expressions, differentiate them, integrate them and see how...
http://www.ultimacalc.com/uclc_3_0.exe - 3.15MB - Download - Screenshot

Rt-Plot is a tool to generate Cartesian X/Y-plots from scientific data. You can enter and calculate tabular data. View the changing graphs, including linear and...
http://www.rt-science.de/downloads/Rt-Plot_setup.e... - 5.07MB - Download - Screenshot

Least Cubic Method is a new method for data regression analyse , it expanded Least Square Method, According to the principle, this program can be used to work out...
http://www.eaihua.com/eDRS2011-setup.exe - 6.27MB - Download - Screenshot

IDautomation Linear +2D ActiveX Control Pack
The Barcode Linear + 2D ActiveX Control is an easy to use drag and drop barcode tool. It works with any Windows application that supports ActiveX technology including...
http://www.idautomation.com/ - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Teroid Linear Gauge
Teroid Linear Gauge is a .NET Windows Forms control providing compact and versatile method of displaying numerical data in a straight-line format, using either a...
http://www.teroid.co.uk/downloads/lineargauge.exe - 135KB - Download - Screenshot

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