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Make Videos from Games Using CamStudio
Learn how to make nice videos from your games by using a free screen capture program called CamStudio. The disadvantages of CamStudio will also be looked at in terms...
http://www.gameinnovator.com/ebook/gamevideocamstu... - 760KB - Download - Screenshot

Make Videos from Games Using Camtasia
Learn how to make videos from your games by using the general capture program Camtasia Studio. The advantages and disadvantages of Camtasia will also be looked at...
http://www.gameinnovator.com/ebook/gamevideocamtas... - 719KB - Download - Screenshot

Make Videos from Games Using Fraps
Learn how to make videos from your games by using the specialised program Fraps. The advantages and disadvantages of Fraps will also be looked at in terms of capturing...
http://www.gameinnovator.com/ebook/gamevideofraps.... - 722KB - Download - Screenshot

Construct 2
If you want to make games Construct 2 is for you. Construct 2 allows you to make games without programming and export your games into HTML5 which means it can be...
http://www.scirra.com/downloads/releases/construct... - 17.01MB - Download - Screenshot

Funny Videos Downloader
With Funny Videos Downloader you can very simply download funny videos and from more than 80 other video websites. It supports such websites as video,Funnyordie...
http://download.download-funny-videos.com/funny-vi... - 11.53MB - Download - Screenshot

Games: Make money online playing games
Learn how you can go online and make money playing video games in this short eBook. Find out what you can do to make money by playing a game. Make money online playing...
http://www.gameinnovator.com/ebook/moneyonlineplay... - 607KB - Download - Screenshot

LoomTV simplifies searching and collecting videos from different sources. Users can watch their favorite videos from YouTube, Googlevideo, Dailymotion and others...
http://www.loom.tv/LoomTV.air - 661KB - Download - Screenshot

Make Money from playing Video Games set
Learn how you can Make Money from playing Video Games in this eBook trilogy. Discover how you can play games for money. Make money playing Video Games through the...
http://www.gameinnovator.com/ebook/playgameset.zip - 2.08MB - Download - Screenshot

Make 24
In this game you have 4 cards, and you are required to use these 4 cards and arithmetic signs to make a formula that gives 24. A is 1, J is 11, Q is 12, K is 13....
http://www.novelgames.com/flashgames/make24/make24... - 338KB - Download - Screenshot

How to make Modifications for Games
Regardless of your modding skill level, this eBook will show you the general steps and hints on how to make modifications for games. The sections are all bundled...
http://www.gameinnovator.com/ebook/modifygamesgene... - 713KB - Download - Screenshot

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