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Protect your data against illegal access with the abylon CRYPTDRIVE. The encrypted drives can be open (mount) with passwords, EC-MoneyCard, Health Insurance Card...
http://www.apm24.de/download/SAPDrvD.exe - 5.66MB - Download - Screenshot

gBurner Virtual Drive
gBurner Virtual Drive is a free utility designed for creating and managing virtual CD / DVD drives. For anyone who deals with CD/DVD-based programs - it is a MUST....
http://www.gburner.com/gvd31.exe - 389KB - Download - Screenshot

OSFClone is a free, self-booting solution which enables you to create or clone exact raw disk images quickly and independent of the installed operating system. After...
http://osforensics.com/downloads/osfclone.zip - 25.98MB - Download - Screenshot

SecureCD Creator
KernSafe SecureCD Creator is an advanced and powerful, full-featured CD encryption software. Create, edit, modify ISO 9660 files, and mount to a virtual CD-ROM emulator...
http://www.kernsafe.com/download/SecureCDCreator1.... - 1.26MB - Download - Screenshot

StrongDisk Pro
StrongDisk Pro enables to keep sensitive data on virtual encrypted disk, which works as a common disk, but all its content is encrypted on-the-fly. To mount protected...
http://www.strongdisk.com/download/sdpro.zip - 1.87MB - Download - Screenshot

AutoNetShare automatically mounts and dismounts network shares residing in removable drives immediately after the drives got plugged in/out. Predefined security...
http://www.autonetshare.com/downloads/AutoNetShare... - 1.19MB - Download - Screenshot

SlimFTPd is a fully multi-threaded standards-compliant FTP server that runs as a system service on Windows 98/ME or Windows NT/2K/XP. Once started, SlimFTPd runs...
http://www.whitsoftdev.com/files/slimftpd.zip - 280KB - Download - Screenshot

CryptoDisk is a powerful tool for creating and managing virtual encrypted disks (encrypted volumes). It creates encrypted volume within a file on a hard drive or...
http://www.cryptodisk.com/CryptoDisk-Setup.exe - 2.85MB - Download - Screenshot

SolFS Driver Edition SDK
With Solid File System Driver SDK your application can create a virtual disk, accessible for all or chosen processes. This disk can be made visible to the user,...
http://www.eldos.com/files/solfs/drv/solfsdrv.zip - 8.82MB - Download - Screenshot

SoftPerfect Network Scanner
A free multi-threaded IP, SNMP and NetBIOS scanner with several advanced features. The program pings computers, scans for listening TCP ports and displays which...
http://www.softperfect.com/download/netscan.exe - 631KB - Download - Screenshot

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