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MSA Passwords
MSA Passwords is a Dynamic and Scalable application that will keep track of all the passwords you may have....
http://www.mysoftwareapps.ca/mgs/msapasswords.exe - 440KB - Download - Screenshot

Real Passwords
Ever tried to think of a good, yet easy to remember password? Ever tried one of those password generators that give you impossible to remember passwords such as...
http://www.ryanware.com/ - Download - Buy It

TyphoonPassword allows you to store all of your passwords in one secure program. TyphoonPassword will automatically display a password reminder, whenever you open...
http://www.typhoontools.com/software/TyphoonPasswo... - 3.56MB - Download - Screenshot

Today we all use tens or even hundreds of complex passwords to protect our access to private information. Passwords are given to us by network services, cellular...
http://kamatoz.com/PassMonsterSetup.zip - 678KB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Facebook Passwords
"Facebook Passwords" is free and a most powerful Facebook passwords recovery software. This will grab Facebook logins and passwords from web browsers and...
http://www.facebook-password.info/uploads/2/2/4/8/... - 4.61MB - Download - Screenshot

Password Generator And Safer allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords,...
http://www.applicationbazar.info/PasswordGenerator... - 363KB - Download - Screenshot

Darn! Passwords!
Darn! Passwords! keeps track of all those pesky passwords you need for the Internet, on line services, financial sites, and other secure programs. You remember one...
http://www.darnpasswords.com/emmafiles/dpsetup.exe - 2.40MB - Download - Screenshot

PassCrypt is an enhanced password manager that gives quick and secure access to passwords while surfing. Features include military strength encryption, and automatic...
http://www.seamistsoftware.com/downloads/PassCrypt... - 1.06MB - Download - Screenshot

Internet Explorer Password Recovery
The most poweful and complete Internet Explorer passwords recovery utility in the net. It can recover ALL types of Internet Explorer passwords: IE cached credentials,...
http://www.passcape.com/download/piepr.zip - 759KB - Download - Screenshot

Network Password Recovery Wizard
Windows network passwords recovery utility. NPRW can recover the following types of passwords: dialup (RAS), VPN, direct pc, LAN and Internet Explorer passwords...
http://www.passcape.com/download/nprw.zip - 899KB - Download - Screenshot

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