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BigSpeed Peer-to-Peer SDK is a set of two COM components (Agent and Hub) that lets you set up a virtual private peer-to-peer (P2P) network for secure file sharing...
http://www.bigspeed.net/download.php?url=bsp2psdk/... - 1.55MB - Download - Screenshot

Chilkat XML Messaging
Makes adding peer-to-peer XML messaging to your distributed applications easy. Integrates with Chilkat SSL, Chilkat Real-Time Compression, and Chilkat Crypt for...
http://www.chilkatsoft.com/ChilkatXmlM.exe - 1000KB - Download - Screenshot

PIPL is not only a lean and quick MP3 player and playlist editor, it also has built in peer-to-peer networking and ID3 tag editing. New in this version is the ability...
http://www.programmedintegration.com/files/pipl.ex... - 1.00MB - Download - Screenshot

Tribal Web
TribalWeb, Peer to Peer between Friends. Easy, Secure...and Free Already more than 150,000 TribalWeb users! All thoose features are included in the standard version...
http://www.softcns.com/downloads/internet/tribalwe... - 1.56MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

MoodAmp is packed full of new and innovative features and is two generations ahead of any other music players... You tell MoodAmp what mood you're in and what music...
http://www.moodamp.com/MoodAmpInstaller.exe - 824KB - Download - Screenshot

Network Passwords Synchronizer for Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003. It allows to synchronously change passwords for current user account on local computer, in one or...
http://www.smsoft.ru/files/syp100.exe - 727KB - Download - Screenshot

DKMessenger is a free peer-to-peer messenger with video, Voice Over IP, text chat, whiteboard, application sharing and file transfer capabilities. If you...
http://dkmessenger.com/setup/dkm_setup.exe - 4.88MB - Download - Screenshot

ElementQ Communicator
ElementQ is private peer-to-peer personal communications software aiming you to find friends, penpals with interests similar to yours, exchange messages and files...
http://www.altomsoft.com/elementq.exe - 1.37MB - Download - Screenshot

wodVPN is VPN peer-to-peer ActiveX component that is used to establish Virtual Private Network between two peers. All P2P communication is encrypted and secured....
http://www.weonlydo.com/Samples/wodVPN.exe - 2.20MB - Download - Screenshot

BitPump is a Bittorrent client that provides download management as simple as normal downloads, via .torrent files. Rather than from a single server, files are transferred...
http://www.analogx.com/files/bitpumpi.exe - 432KB - Download - Screenshot

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