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Removing Duplicates
Removing Duplicates - increased speed of removing duplicates. Download, set up and click and removing duplicates will start automatically! Removing duplicates easier...
http://download.remove-duplicate.com/removing-dupl... - 13.63MB - Download - Screenshot

removing duplicate file
Clone Remover is the program which will allow removing duplicate files quickly easy and without problems. The decision of this problem will occupy no more than several...
http://www.moleskinsoft.com/download/CloneRemover2... - 1.32MB - Download - Screenshot

http://www.intelliscript.net/cgi-bin/FileCABINET.p... - 3KB - Download - Screenshot

System Energizer
System Energizer cleans and optimizes your system for better performance. Actions taken include eliminating Internet Explorer temporary files and cookies, removing...
http://www.winutils.com/energize.zip - 1.09MB - Download - Screenshot

Converts text with many possible cleanups, including preparation of HTML and Java, aligning in columns, character set conversion, case converting, removing excess...
http://mindprod.com/zips/quoter47.zip - 1.33MB - Download - Screenshot

KeyCleanse is the ultimate keyword management tool and list cleaner. Its features include removing duplicates, removing minimum and maximum words, removing words...
http://www.keycleanse.com/KeyCleanse.exe - 2.87MB - Download - Screenshot

Compresses HTML by removing unnecessary white space. Compacts HTML so that web pages are 20% smaller and hence 20% faster. It does this by removing all unnecessary...
http://mindprod.com/zips/compactor32.zip - 1.41MB - Download - Screenshot

SoftOrbits Red Eye Remover
Red Eye Remover offers automatic, one-click red eye effect removing. No need to select the eyes area - just click on the eye, and red eye remover will detect and...
http://www.softorbits.com/red-eye-removal/files/Re... - 2.76MB - Download - Screenshot

Free Uninstaller
Freeware uninstall tool - replacement for the Add/Remove program. Free Uninstaller starts up slightly faster than system applet and contain some additional features....
http://www.pazera-downloads.com/FreeUninstallerSet... - 3.30MB - Download - Screenshot

Outlook Attachment Sniffer
Outlook Attachment Sniffer is an Outlook Add-In, which allows you to deal with specific tasks on emails, either automatically on incoming emails or on the selected...
http://www.rsbr.de - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

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