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Natural Skincare
Search. Helps you trawl all the major search engines just by using one software. You don't even need to open a web browser to access the multiple search engines!...
http://onewaylink2.weebly.com/uploads/3/1/2/1/3121... - 1.50MB - Download - Screenshot

Search Web results faster from your desktop from the world's top search engines, YouTube videos, Ebay and WikiPedia. Easy to use. Free....
http://www.dssf.net/english/ssegui.exe - 28KB - Download - Screenshot

Search Web results faster from your desktop from the world's top search engines, YouTube videos, Ebay and WikiPedia. Easy to use. Free....
http://www.dssf.net/english/webfinder.exe - 28KB - Download - Screenshot

WebFoil is a desktop utility that simultaneously queries the most popular on-line search engines straight from your desktop. With a built-in download client and...
http://home.iprimus.com.au/tizyou/webfoil.exe - 1.09MB - Download - Screenshot

Full-text search tool for your PC or Web site. The program builds search indexes on directories with your documents for further quick search. Found files are sorted...
http://7s.backupforall.com/data/7sdoc.exe - 1.52MB - Download - Screenshot

PageRank provides search engine optimization tools to check search engine ranking and tips on increasing Web traffic, gets all links from a specific web site for...
http://www.seo.dd-soft.com/download/get-all-links.... - 39KB - Download - Screenshot

Filehand Search
Free! Filehand Search instantly finds files on your computer. Search Outlook, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPerfect, HTML/MHT, MP3, and Zip archives. Results...
http://www.filehand.com/Downloads/fhs_install_3_0.... - 683KB - Download - Screenshot

Full-text documents search on your desktop. Searching documents similar by content. Fast indexing (6 GB/h). Support of any text formats (txt, doc, rtf, pdf, htm,...
http://www.searchinform.com/download/searchinformd... - 2.93MB - Download - Screenshot

Google Search Sidebar Gadget
Google Search Sidebar Gadget fot Vista & windows7 Google Search Sidebar is designed for Windows7 and vista, search the web with ease, Google search sidebar...
http://gallery.live.com/LiveItemDetail.aspx?li=907... - 23KB - Download - Screenshot

Karsa Full Text Search Manager
Karsa Fulltext Search Manager is a desktop application thanks to which you can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and work faster when creating fulltext search....
http://www.karsa.eu/files/KarsaSetup.exe - 6.14MB - Download - Screenshot

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