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Session Server for Windows
Session server for Windows has built-in fail-over protection and load balancing which allows use of up to 1000 session servers with an unlimited number of web servers....
http://files.db3nf.com/download/SessionServerDemo1... - 990KB - Download - Screenshot

php session class - jsession
This is a secure session library that allows you to store all session information in a mysql database. Timeout functionality is also built-in, so you don?t have...
http://www.whenpenguinsattack.com/DownloadFiles/js... - 484KB - Download - Screenshot

One Click Screensaver
Want to prevent your computing-session from unsolicited or accidental access? Screen savers allow you to hide information while you are away from your desktop. This...
http://moneymachines.ws/download/OneClickScreensav... - 788KB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Private Session 4 IE
Surfing the internet offers some surprises - and not only pleasant ones ! Even careful surfers end up on aggressive pages via harmless links. And already there are...
http://www.DrRegener.com - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Memento LE
Memento LE is an easy to use video recording system for Yahoo! web cam sessions. Once a web cam session has been established, it can record all video sent by a remote...
http://www.bluejeansoftware.com - Download - Buy It

FoxTerm is a free multi-session terminal emulation application. FoxTerm allows you to open, monitor, and log multiple COM or Telnet connections from a single application....
http://www.foxterm.net/download/foxterm_1_5_1_0.zi... - 105KB - Download - Screenshot

Activity Timer
Find out how many hours you spend on activities. Also a way to keep an eye on the time you have worked in the current session. Musical alarms and eye protection...
http://homepage.ntlworld.com/robertwalker/Activity... - 403KB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Printer for Remote Desktop
Printer for Remote Desktop creates a virtual printer on the server and allows driver free printing from any application in a remote session to a local printer. The...
http://www.printer-for-remote-desktop.com/printer-... - 5.59MB - Download - Screenshot

iPDF Standard
iPDF is an Office2010 like automated PDF processing tool that does everything in batch mode. Be it converting from images to PDF, adding watermark, encrypting, decrypting,...
http://www.myipdf.com/Downloads/iPDF.Standard.Tria... - 9.62MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

iPDF Pro
iPDF is an Office2010 like automated PDF processing tool that does everything in batch mode. Be it converting from Office documents to PDF, adding watermark, encrypting,...
http://www.myipdf.com/Downloads/iPDF.Pro.Trial.exe - 9.63MB - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

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