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PROMT Translation Agent
PTA is free online translation tool easily installed on any PC to provide instant translation for seven European languages - English, German, Spanish, Portuguese,...
ftp://ftp.promt.com/p8/tb/PROMT8_PTA_EngFraGerPorS... - 7.49MB - Download - Screenshot

Translation Services
Working with a translation company makes it easier to translate a small or large batch of documents in one simple step, but there are some steps you need to take...
http://www.legaltranslationsolutions.com/pad/Engli... - 23KB - Download - Screenshot

Im Translator for IE
Im Translator provides a wide range of possibilities to communicate with ease and convenience in different languages. With Im Translator you can enter multilingual...
http://plugin.imtranslator.com/download/imtranslat... - 192KB - Download - Screenshot

The Felix translation memory system can help you be a more productive and consistent translator. Translation memory can give tremendous productivity boosts; our...
http://felix-cat.com/media/downloads/Felix_Setup_1... - 4.59MB - Download - Screenshot

Truth About Translation
TRUTH ABOUT TRANSLATION ENHANCED 2. Animated text show gives much information, exposes myths on translating/interpreting/computers. New, menu-driven, humorously...
http://language.home.sprynet.com/trutra.zip - 516KB - Download - Screenshot

AnyMem: Translation Memory Software
AnyMem is a user-friendly translation memory software. It provides convenient translation memory management, export an import of translation memory to TMX. AnyMem...
http://download.anymem.com/latest/AnyMem2Setup.exe - 10.33MB - Download - Screenshot

@promt Office Translator GIANT PACK
@promt Office 8.0 Translator gives home and small offices a simple, powerful way to work with multilingual business and technical documents, presentations, web pages,...
http://ftp.promt.com/p8/tb/PROMT8_Office_EngFraGer... - 313.00MB - Download - Screenshot

Translation Office 3000
Translation Office 3000 is the first and leading translation management system designed specifically for freelance translators and small translation agencies. TO3000...
http://download.to3000.com/SetupTO3000V10.exe - 112.57MB - Download - Screenshot

@promt Office Translator GIANT PACK
@promt Office 7.8 gives home and small offices a simple, powerful way to work with multilingual business and technical documents, presentations, web pages, ICQ instant...
http://ftp.e-promt.com/p78/office/P78_PROMT_Office... - 204.00MB - Download - Screenshot

AsTranslator use the power of Internet machine language translation engines, and enables you to easily translate text file, letters, chat, and emails between major...
http://www.xosten.com/pkg/AsTranslatorSetup.exe - 913KB - Download - Screenshot

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