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 Resources Of Moshe Szweizer
STAR Exam - 29 Apr 2007
English language perfecting game for 7 to 12 years old students. The game is based on STAR exam issued to primary and intermediate school students in New Zealand....
Related Tags: english language, spelling, speech style, verbal communication, spoken skill, lingual technique, lingual style of prose, words g

CoolLotto - 09 Feb 2007
CoolLotto is a simple but effective gaming tool. It allows to analyze intended lotto numbers, and see how likely they are to be drawn. The program uses two statistical...
Related Tags: lotto, lottery, sweepstake, winning numbers, win lotto, winning lotto numbers

BitCrypt - 30 May 2006
BitCrypt is a free stego encryption for Intelligence community and the like. The program allows the user to store any text message in an encrypted form which is...
Related Tags: bitcrypt, encryption, stego, stealth, secret, spy

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