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File Lock Professional - 10 Apr 2012
File Lock PRO is a innovative file encryption software program that can password protect and hide files, lock and encrypt files, protect files located on your PC...
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Folder Vault - 10 Apr 2012
Folder Vault lock, hide, encryption security, protect files and folders in the blink of an eye. With one master password FolderVault will lock and protect your files,...
Related Tags: folder vault, folder. lock, password protect, hide folder, windows vista, xp, security tools, hiding files, encrypt folder, drives

Advanced Encryption Package Professional - 06 Apr 2012
Strong file protection by 128-2048 bit encryption (AES 256-bit and RSA 2048-bit are also supported). Secure file deletion is also supported: U.S. DoD 5200.28, GOST...
Related Tags: file encryption, password, protect

Kryptelite - 05 Apr 2012
Kryptelite is an easy-to-use no-hassle solution even a new computer user will be comfortable with. It fully supports drag-and-drop, and in most cases a single drag...
Related Tags: encryption, encryption software, file encryption software, encryption program

CryptoExpert 8 - 02 Apr 2012
CryptoExpert creates new secure vaults that appears to applications like any other physical drive. User needs to enter a password to unlock vailt and work with files....
Related Tags: drive encrypt, password, protect, encryption, virtual, drive

Kryptel - 28 Mar 2012
Kryptel is a reliable and time-proven encryption program utilizing strong cryptography for protecting critical data. It was designed for easy of use - in most cases...
Related Tags: encryption, encryption software, file encryption software, encryption program

Protectorion Data Safe Free - 26 Mar 2012
Hackers may break into unprotected PCs in order to steal or change confidential data. Unauthorized persons could gain access to stolen laptops and lost flash drives....
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A-PDF Restrictions Remover - 26 Mar 2012
Do you have a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file which cannot be printed, copied, or edited? Your PDF file has had password security and other restrictions added.With A-PDF...
Related Tags: pdf, secure, secured, security, restrict, restriction, restrictions, password, password recovery, acrobat, adobe acrobat, acrobat reader

Exe Guarder - 25 Mar 2012
With Exe Guarder you can converter normal exe-file to shareware. Once the executable is protected by exe guarder, you may copy it to another computer as it will...
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Our Secret - 20 Mar 2012
Our Secret (formerly Steganography) lets you hide text files or files such as video, audio, image and others in file. It is designed to hide and send your sensitive...
Related Tags: oursecret, hide files, file encryption, information hiding, steganography, hide image, hide picture, hide audio, hide video

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