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Free Joke Book
Free 40 Page Joke Book! If Laughter is the Best Medicine - You're about to hit the motherlode. 40 pages of Kick-Ass, Side-Splitting, Pants-Wetting Jokes. Blonde...
http://www.free-joke-book.com/free-joke-book.exe - 532KB - Download - Screenshot

Joke411 is a completely free "joke of the day" application. It loads during the system startup and displays a daily joke in a balloon message near the...
http://www.soft411.com/files/joke411.zip - 100KB - Download - Screenshot

A great new way to wind up family and friends, wind them up like never before. Spoofkit lets you send your family or friends, joke/spoof emails, joke post labels...
http://www.spoofkit.com/SpoofkitDemo.zip - 3.70MB - Download - Screenshot

A Defective CD Drive - Joke Program
Play a trick on your friends/acquaintances! Simply secretly install this harmless joke program on your victims computer. When your victim starts and uses Windows,...
http://www.fun24h.com/joke-programs/a-defective-cd... - 618KB - Download - Screenshot

fun256 Daily Joke
Free application which shows jokes and pictures! Content changes everyday! No installtion is needed to use this tool, so you can use it even from a USB memory....
http://fun256.com/app/fun256_10.zip - 367KB - Download - Screenshot

Joke eBook
Joke eBook for Windows. Free electronic Book with jokes is just for the purpose of bringing a smile to your face! Program is easy to use. You can easily read jokes...
http://www.primasoft.com/demo/16iejb.zip - 300KB - Download - Screenshot

Email Spoofing program to wind up family and friends with ease, send joke/spoof emails TO anyone FROM anyone....
http://www.rebrandables.co.uk/img/remailer/ReMaile... - 187KB - Download - Screenshot

Diesel Joke Site
One of the most popular PHP/mySQL scripts that allows users to read joke and view amusing pictures. They can rate the jokes or funny pictures they like and even...
http://www.dieselscripts.com - Download - Screenshot - Buy It

Curious Beeps
Take somebody in! Just install this joke program to the computer of your victim. The next time your victim starts Windows, each 15 seconds he/she will hear a strange...
http://www.fun24h.com/joke-programs/curious-beeps/... - 615KB - Download - Screenshot

Dr.Windows is a joke program that displays funny fake windows error messages at random times. They look just like the real windows error messages you know and love...
http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/DrWin... - 1.37MB - Download - Screenshot

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